Sandals Brings the First Speakeasy to Jamaica

by Alicia Taggio

I approached a round door that looked similar to a Hobbit home and knocked on it. A man opens the door slightly and asks me for the password. I mudder the words ‘slippery when wet’ having no idea if it would even work. He paused, smiled at me with approval, and then opened the door welcoming me to ‘The Rabbit Hole’. 

sandals ochi speakeasy

I walked in to a dimly lit lounge where jazz music played in the background and groups of people were scattered throughout having intimate conversations and laughing over cocktails. A woman dressed as a Flapper walks by to deliver drinks to a couple sitting in the corner. I made my way over to the bar where a strapping bartender greeted me with a big smile and asked me what my poison was.  After admiring his cute vest and top hat, I muddered the words ‘Moonshine please’.  This was after all, a Speakeasy; it only seemed right to order something that represented the prohibition era.

Sandals Speakeasy Rabbit Hole bartender

I can’t help but notice a couple sitting beside me with large circles of ice in their glasses. I ask the bartender how he gets the ice into a perfect circle and he points to his ice molder machine which turns ice blocks into spheres through ambient temperate and pressure. He explains that its great for chilling down the drink, without diluting it.

cocktail at Sandals speakeasy

After sitting at the bar and enjoying conversation with the bartender, I make my way around the lounge admiring every little detail. The decor plays homage to Alice in Wonderland and the 1920’s. I head upstairs and join some friends who are sitting on some couches and laughing the night away. I approach them with an amazed (and slightly drunk) look on my face trying to articulate how impressed I was. They nod and laugh in complete agreement as I join them on the couch. One friend reminds me that we won’t be receiving a bill at the end of the night because we’re technically still on Sandals property and this is all part of our all-inclusive experience. I continue to drink my fancy cocktail and quickly order another one from our server.

Though the official days of the speakeasy are long gone, Sandals Ochi has captured this time period so incredibly well with the launch of Jamaica’s (and the Caribbean’s) first ever Speakeasy. Between the delicious cocktails and the inviting atmosphere, I can assure you it’s a place you’ll find difficult to leave.

If you plan to enjoy your next vacation at Sandals Ochi in Jamaica, head to the Rabbit Hole and try their ‘Sidecar’ cocktail or tempt yourself with a tangy swig of ‘Bee’s Knee’s’. With six liquor brands (not available anywhere else on the resort), this speakeasy will add a whole unique element to your already luxurious vacation. But remember, you need a password to get in (and it changes every day), so make friends with the Sandals staff members, as they are the key to finding your way to (and out of) the Rabbit Hole.

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