See, Taste & Tour Costa Rica

by Daniel Nikulin
Tour Costa Rica

Looking to see and do it all in Costa Rica? Fly into San Jose and return from Liberia. 

Costa Rica has always been much more than a beach holiday. It may be small but it packs quite the eco-punch offering unlimited nature from top to bottom. This truly is a nature lover’s paradise and it should be sipped as slow as a guaro sour. That’s why, we suggest flying into one international airport and out of another, exploring all the beauty in between at your own pace.

So, what can you expect on your leisurely Costa Rica adventure? Plenty. Have a peek.  


SEE Unlimited Nature 

Tour Costa Rica volcanoes

Have your relaxing beach days but do head out to explore one or more of the country’s many national parks and nature reserves. Costa Rica’s varied elevation and precipitation levels hold 12 different climate zones boasting everything from healthy coral reefs and mangrove wetlands to cloud and rain forests. Zipline over thick canopies, rappel down streaming waterfalls and refresh yourself in secluded pools after a rugged hike. Take a rainforest night tour to spot howler monkeys, sloths, rare birds and jungle cats or take to the sea for turtles, sharks and breaching whales. With so much jaw-dropping nature around, this is the perfect place for a digital detox, camera excluded, of course.     


TASTE Sopa de Pejibaye (Palm Fruit Soup)

Tour Costa Rica for Sopa de Pejibaye

We know, a bowl of hot soup in the tropics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but much like Vietnam’s incredible street soups, Costa Rica’s, too, just makes sense. The exotic main ingredient, the pejibaye fruit (peach palm), offers an unfamiliar taste and the soup’s richness and warmth provide comfort, especially in the rainy season. This dish may be more unique to Costa Rica than any other as pejibayes aren’t commonly eaten elsewhere. If you’re looking to eat like a local, go full-Tico (or Tica) and give this tasty staple a try!


TOUR Volcanoes, Beaches & Rainforests 

Tour Costa Rica's national parks

You’ll find the unofficial national slogan, Pura Vida, everywhere, printed on everything from coffee mugs to t-shirts the minute you land. It refers to the experience of living harmoniously with nature, of which Costa Rica has no shortage. Escorted tours of Arenal Volcano, Monteverde Cloud Forest, La Fortuna Waterfall, Manuel Antonio National Park, and many more, help you live the Pure Life and to understand this priceless connection with nature. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find the biodiversity that’s brimful here elsewhere. Working towards its goal of being the first fossil fuel-free country in the world, Costa Rica protects its ecosystems diligently, and already, almost 99% of all energy used comes from renewable sources. Proudly progressive, Costa Rica is an example to the world, and again, much more than just a beach vacation. You’ll see. 


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