Something for Everyone at Atlantis Resort

by Emma Hackwood

Picking the right resort can be a tough decision when you’re trying to keep everyone happy. Rae Hutley shares why Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is the perfect location to make sure that everyone gets what they want:

Ever dream of a place where you can  swim with dolphins, go down thrilling waterslides, have a chance meeting with a celebrity and relax by the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean? Well there is such a place where the things of your dreams will come true, and it’s name is Atlantis!

In February I got a unique experience to visit and stay at Atlantis, located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; I had heard that the resort was huge and spread out in different sections which all have different looks and feel. Atlantis is famously known for their theme of the lost island of Atlantis so I knew I was in for a trip of a lifetime!

Atlantis Rae 3

Upon arriving in Nassau, we had a nice leisurely drive from the airport to the Reef Towers at Atlantis. The Reef Towers are spectacular; you enter the front lobby which is adorned with murals and art depicting the lost city of Atlantis. Right in front of your eyes is the largest aquarium I have ever seen, filled with tropical fish, stingrays and sharks. The Reef Towers are located in the centre of the large resort complex, a great location if you want to be in equal distance to all the other sections of the resort. Once you step out of the front lobby you are surrounded by lagoons with sharks and stingrays. The landscaping is beautifully done, pathways meander around quite pools, gardens, private made beaches and more lagoons.

One of my favorite parts of the resort is the amazing water park. I was transported back to being a kid all over again. My favorite part of the water park was the lazy river. It’s actually more of an active river, with small rapids and tons of waves. The river takes you all around the resort and even gives you entrance to some of the waterslides. You can easily stay on the river for over an hour! We even met a few guests who had been on the river for 2 hours because they loved it so much!

Atlantis Rae 2

We also had the unique opportunity to visit their Dolphin Cove. Here is where they have over 20 dolphins, some even rescued from Hurricane Katrina. After getting dressed up in wet suits, we got into their man-made salt water cove to interact with our very own dolphin. We were able to touch and even feed the dolphin a fish!

After all the outdoor water activities, I was looking forward to some night time entertainment. Atlantis’ huge casino is fantastic. They have everything from slot machines, poker, roulette, black jack and so much more. Once I walked into the casino I felt I was transported to the dazzle of Las Vegas. Inside the casino there was even a live band with tons of people having a great time. If you like getting dressed up in cocktail wear, then this is the place for you.

Atlantis attracts all types of vacationers; we saw many families, couples, bachelor parties and also celebrities. We even saw Nicholas Cage at the Night Club!

My one advice to the girls, is make sure you bring running shoes for walking around the resort as it’s very large. Just keep a pair of high heels in your beach bag for a quick swap and you are good to go!

On the flight home, I still couldn’t believe all the things I had done in one a few short nights. I had a new appreciation for all the detail that Atlantis has gone to. Making sure each visit is a unique experience for everyone.

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