The Ghostly Guests of the Empress Hotel

by Kara Byrne
Empress Hotel

There are many haunted hotels around the world, but one of the most famous is rumoured to be right here in Canada!

In downtown Victoria, BC stands an architectural masterpiece, built between 1904 and 1908, offering 5 star accommodation to guests from around the world to this very day. The magnificent hotel is located on Government Street, overlooking the Inner Harbour that draws in thousands of tourists every year. The grounds of the property are lush, the cuisine is among the best in the city, and the royal ambiance of The Empress is felt through the offering of Afternoon Tea and antique decor. The old beauty of this historical landmark is obvious at first glance, but there’s something(s) lurking inside that can only be discovered upon deeper inspection.

The local legend of this haunted hotel is that there are some unwelcome occupants that wander the hallways, clean the rooms, and knock on guests’ doors. Spooky stories of these ghostly guests include the hotel’s architect, Francis Rattenbury, roaming around with his cane, a maid that still concerns herself with the tidiness of the sixth floor, and possibly the creepiest, the old woman in her pajamas who can’t find her room. Guests claim that she knocks on their door and leads them to the elevator where she vanishes. It is rumoured that these elevators were added in place of previous rooms, likely where the old woman once slept before she passed.

The Empress Hotel is an absolute must-see, must-stay property in this quaint and charming city, and if you’re smart you’ll request the sixth floor, we hear it stays squeaky clean.

Have you ever stayed at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC? Did you notice anything spooky about it?