5 Things You Must Experience in Bali

by Emma Hackwood
Rice fields in Bali

Have you always dreamed of visiting Bali? Our Travel Consultant Missy Bath shares her experience in this beautiful country and what things you must experience when visiting Bali:

Going to Bali was a huge leap and I had no idea what to expect seeing as though this was my first time travelling by myself on a tour. I went in to this experience paranoid about the food, and of being by myself far away from home, but boy was I ever wrong! I met the nicest people during my 12 days in Bali and made some new friends while touring with G Adventures. It really was a trip of a lifetime and I will never forget it. We visited Sanur, Munduk, Kintimani, Ubud and Chandidisa; all places I would recommend seeing.

Travelling with G Adventures took us right in to areas to explore local life and meet local people. I really got to experience Balinese culture, cuisine & entertainment. With that, I give you my top 5 “must do’s” while visiting Bali:


1. Embrace the Art

Bali flowers

Take a minute every time you enter a new location to appreciate the art and the attention to detail. The smallest things from table settings, flower arrangements and product placement is done with a creative mind. No two places are the same, which make it a very interesting place to explore.


2. Enjoy Some Beach Time

Bali beach

Whether it be in Sanur, Nusa Dua, Seminyak or Chandidisa, take the time to embrace the beauty of the stunning beaches! Pull up a beach chair, grab a cold drink and appreciate the crashing waves. Great areas for surfing or wakeboarding. Breath taking and stunning coastline in Bali.



3. Visit Ubud

traditional dancers in Bali

Ubud is a MUST visit. The craft centre of the universe (in my opinion), the markets and shops have everything to offer. From handmade jewelery, wood crafts and accessories; no two pieces are the same, so you are truly getting an original work of art. Ubud is a bustling city with lots of restaurants, lounges, clubs and pool parties to attend. Take the time to explore this safe city. We stayed at a Mytime resort called Champlung Sari. It is located right downtown and is one of the best places to stay. The service was impeccable and the pool was a relaxing place to be. It is located right next to the Monkey Forest….so you might get a surprise while having breakfast.



4. See Mt. Batur in Kintimani


Nestled in the North of Bali, Kintimani is a town situated around the volcano Mt. Batur. The craters are visible from town. You can also take the option of doing sunrise hike to the top of Mt. Batur, or enjoy the sunrise from one of the local restaurants. This is an absolutely a must -see.

Imagine yourself breathing in the fresh crisp air while taking in the beautiful scenery. A true escape from the hustle and bustle of North America at it’s finest.



5. Visit a Temple

Bali temple

Bali is home to over 14,000 temples making it one of the holiest places on earth. A peaceful calm is present everywhere you visit. I recommend going there for a sunrise or sunset and embrace some quiet time alone to reflect.


Overall my experience travelling to Bali can be summed up by saying it truly was a trip of a lifetime. I took the time to reflect on my journey home and realized, I did it. I stepped out of my comfort zone, embraced the unexpected and had an amazing travel adventure. I would recommend Bali to any traveller of any age. There is so much to do and explore I would go back in a heartbeat. My experience with G Adventures was a pleasant one also. Our tour guide took us to a local foundation for the disabled for lunch one day. It really showed me that G Adventures stands by its promise to give back to the community. I would 100% travel with this company again!


Looking for more information on travelling to Bali or with G Adventures? Missy Bath is an International Travel Consultant at our Sevenoaks location and can be contacted online or by calling 1-866-299-5615.