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Published on June 12th, 2018 | by Emese Graham


Top 10 Things To Do In Croatia – Updated 2019

It’s all too easy to adapt to Croatia’s untroubled fjaka lifestyle, only to realize your sun-soaked European getaway is slipping through your fingers. For travellers who want more than lazy days on pebbled beaches, Croatia abounds with excitement. Discover what could be the highlight of your holiday among our list of favourite things to do in Croatia.

1. Go on a Game of Thrones Themed Tour of Dubrovnik’s Old City

things to do in croatia

There are more than a few sojourners to Croatia whose main purpose is to walk through the real-life backdrop of Game of Thrones scenes. Dubrovnik’s Old City, including the fortress of Lovrijenac, will transport you to the perfectly deadly happenings of King’s Landing. Look out over the city walls towards the Adriatic Sea, and you’ll even spot medieval-inspired ships circling the coast.

2. Tour Dubrovnik’s Coast by Sea Kayak

things to do in croatia

Hop into a rented kayak and make your way around the cliffs of Dubrovnik, journeying as far as Lokrum Island to explore mysterious caves and relax on the stone beach for a while. Kayak rentals and tours are aplenty in Dubrovnik, offering a unique way to experience the city for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

3. Explore Diocletian’s Palace in Split

things to do in croatia

Split is home to a sprawling 4th-century Roman complex, built for the emperor, Diocletian, son of Jupiter. It’s easy to be swept up by the astonishingly well-preserved palaces, temples, and sub-structures that earned it a spot on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. (Of course, Game of Thrones fans can’t help but recognize this spectacular site as part of Westeros). You can even spend your nights in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace at Heritage Jupiter Luxury Hotel, one of our favourite Better Beach accommodations.

4. Spend a Day in Istria

things to do in croatia

Escape to Istria for an enriching cultural experience. Whether you’re more interested in attending the food festivals that celebrate local truffle oil and wine or if you’d instead enjoy a movie night at Pula, the still fully functional Roman amphitheatre, your “New Tuscany” experience is all about embracing the old with the new.

5. Listen to the Sea Organ Play a Tune

things to do in croatia

Zadar boasts a beautiful old town, yet is an unexpectedly modern destination. Expert Traveller Madison Royal of Australia highly recommends a visit for its “great markets, shopping and family activities with museums and traditional Croatian experiences” as well as the modern art installations Salutation to the Sun and Sea Organ. The latter creates musical harmonies from the lapping waves, a peaceful backdrop for a day on the beach.

6. Set Sail to Croatia’s Many Picturesque Islands

things to do in croatia

Croatia is home to 1,244 islands, islets, and crags, most of which are quiet, uninhabited little corners of repose. Whether you explore the secluded beaches and lavender fields of the tiniest islands, enjoy the trendy shops and dining of Hvar, or try to squeeze yourself through the world’s narrowest street in Krk, island hopping is one of the ultimate ways to experience the coast.

7. Visit Krka National Park

things to do in croatia

The Krka river flows into 7 enchanting waterfalls, each of which you can visit at Krka National Park. Join fellow nature lovers on cycling and hiking trails and boat excursions to experience Croatia’s untouched natural landscape and the 14th-century monastery whose heritage blends perfectly into the park’s beauty. On sunny days, take a dip in the natural pool of Skardinski Buk waterfall, the largest and most famous Krka cascade.

8. Climb a Mountain Along the Dalmatian Coast

things to do in croatia

Enjoy the beach from a new perspective with a casual hike up one of the country’s many photogenic mountains. Though not very high, peaks like Učka, Vidova Gora, Mosor, and Kamešnica offer a friendly challenge with a rewarding view of an undulating landscape and the sparkling sea.

9. Go Snorkelling

things to do in croatia

Since most of Croatia’s beaches are composed of pebbles and not sand, their water conditions are remarkably clear. Grab your snorkelling gear and keep your eyes peeled for starfish, hermit crabs, seahorses, and octopi. Go all the way and try guided cave diving in Ujedinjeno or Cape Kamenjak, or discover the secrets of the sea, like the shipwreck of Baron Gautsch.

10. Sip and Savour a Food & Wine Tour

things to do in croatia

Join a local guide in a progressive tapas meal through Zagreb, Dubrovnik, or Split. Taste the product of a 4,000-year-old wine-making tradition (or altogether new traditions if you adventure to Croatia’s underwater vineyard, Edivo, and sample wine that’s been aged on the sea floor).

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