Top 10 Things To Do In Jamaica

by Crissandra Ayroso
an islet and beach in jamaica

Jamaica is a tropical paradise filled with hot springs, secret swimming holes and world-class beaches. Jamaica’s natural beauty will steal your gaze, but it’ll be the island’s culture and cuisine that captures your heart. From bobsleds to Bob Marley, there is so much to love and learn about this Caribbean island. Here’s our list of top things to do in Jamaica:

1. Feel the rhythm and feel the rhyme on a bobsled tour through the rainforest


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Yes, a bobsled tour, through the jungle! Inspired by the famous Olympic bobsled team from Jamaica, adventurers can strap into a high-tech sled and feel the Gs down the 1000-metre long mountainside track in Ocho Rios.

2. Visit the Bob Marley Museum


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In 1975, reggae legend Bob Marley made this colonial-era residence on Hope Road in Kingston his home and studio, until a failed assassination attempt was made on him here a year later. All the original rooms have been preserved as Marley left them.

You’ll see his favourite guitar hanging by his bed, costumes that belonged to his backup singers, gold and platinum records, his Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award – and even the marks on the wall at the rear of the house where the assassination attempt was made. Knowledgeable guides will escort you through this heritage site and share all kinds of fascinating details of Marley’s legacy.

3. Dive into the Blue Hole Mineral Spring


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If you quickly glance across Little Bay near Negril, you may just miss the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. Located 25 feet below ground is a little swimming hole- but not just any swimming hole.

Another 30 feet below the surface of the water is a pool of clear blue water with natural mineral properties that are said to be great for the skin. Dive in, or climb down the cavernous limestone opening and treat yourself in nature’s spa.

4. Sip, sip, hooray!

Find yourself in good spirits amidst the oak barrels of Jamaica’s finest aged rum. Learn about the rum-making process with a tour and demonstration at the Appleton Estate rum-pire. Enjoy a complimentary sample, take a look at the cane-distilling process, and do a rum tasting led by professional rum experts.

Appleton Estate is tucked away in a somewhat remote area of the island, Nassau Valley, but you’ll easily find regular scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs in Montego Bay, which is about 60 km north, or an hour-and-a-half drive from the estate.

5. Spend the day on the best beach in Jamaica


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One of the longest and most admired lengths of beach is not six – and not eight – but seven miles of the softest, silkiest sand on the island. Seven Mile Beach in Negril is one of the top returns when you search online for the best beach in Jamaica, and rightly so. Live reggae bands, entertainment, and food stalls can also be found near the white sand and clear, calm blue shores.

6. Glide down the peaceful Martha Brae River on a 30-foot bamboo raft


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Gaze at the lush green surroundings, the tropical birds soaring above and the colourful pops of exotic flowers that dot the riverbanks as you gently cruise down the serene jade-green waters of Martha Brae in Montego Bay. Let your captain skillfully navigate the way as you sit back and relax under the warm Caribbean sun.

7. Hike the Blue Mountain Peak for the most stunning view of the island


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Though the most challenging and advanced of all peaks to hike in the Blue Mountains range, the payoff is the most rewarding! Standing at 7,402 feet, the Blue Mountain Peak is the highest mountain in Jamaica and 6th tallest peak in the Caribbean.

Chase the sunset on this 5 to 8 hour round trip hike, or opt for a more beginner-friendly hike in the Blue Mountains range, at Holywell National Park or Catherine’s Peak. Both hikes can be done under 2 hours, round trip. The Blue Mountains range is a UNESCO world heritage site.

8. Enjoy a sunset at YS Falls


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For a less crowded alternative to Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, check out YS Falls, which is about 70 km south of Montego Bay. Surrounded with lush greenery, YS Falls is one of the most picture perfect sights in Jamaica, and since it’s slightly out of the way for most folks, it’s a little less crowded. Seven waterfalls cascade into pools fed by underground and above ground springs. Perfect for a swim.

9. Take a scenic drive down a winding stretch of road through the rainforest


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Fern Gully gets its name from the wide variety of ferns that grow here. More than 300 types of the lush greenery tower over the winding stretch of road, starting in Ocho Rios and continuing for 5 km to Colgate.

It’s a short, really pretty drive, worth taking a detour through. Along the way, you’ll also see banana trees and beautiful Blue Mahoe flower trees, which are Jamaica’s national tree and are indigenous to the island.

10. Stop at a jerk pit


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You can’t visit Jamaica without stopping for jerk from a jerk pit on the side of the road. The aromatic blend of pimento, garlic, thyme, scallions and scotch bonnet pepper fills hearts with longing. Jerky’s and Scotchies, both in Montego Bay, are crowd favourites and should definitely be at the top of your list of places to choose from. This may be the call you’ve been waiting for your whole life.


When you visit, you’ll wonder, in the words of Bob Marley himself, is this love, is this love that you’re feeling? Make Jamaica your next beach holiday and fall in love with this tropical paradise.