Tips for First Time Cruisers on Royal Caribbean

by Emma Hackwood

Thinking of taking a cruise on board Royal Caribbean‘s many ships? Our Travel Consultant Leta shares her tips for first time cruisers, and what to know before you take off on your first cruise vacation.

You’ve heard of them before; the people who love to be on the open water, food and drink at their disposal, tons of excursions to keep them occupied. They love the salt in their faces, the wind in their hair, the relaxation and freedom that a cruise can offer.

happy woman cruising

So how do you become one of them? I wasn’t too sure myself until I went on my first cruise. I sailed on the Liberty of the Seas with Royal Caribbean Cruises and let me tell you, it was a life-changer. My eyes are now open to a whole new style of travel and a whole new way to shake the pressures of everyday life.

But before you can join this new world of wonder,  you it’s good to know a couple of things. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you started:

The Importance of Your Room Key

It sounds simple enough and pretty self-explanatory, but this is actually your life line on your cruise. Your room key will allow you into your room, of course, but it also gets you on and off of the ship during port days. Your room key will also allow the cruise line to track your purchases as no cash or credit is accepted on board.  You room key is well … the key to your fun. It is best to purchase a lanyard as these will keep the key on you at all times and best of all, you don’t have to worry if you are wearing your bathing suit all day. Pockets are out, and lanyards are in!


Drink Packages

What can you buy that is not already included with your cruise? Most people like to splurge on excursions, specialty dining, and of course beverages. The drink packages are a great value for everyone on board and range from fully inclusive of all beverages to water only. The rates will actually save you money on all of the cocktails and bottled water plus you will be ready for your excursion days with bottled water at the ready and a cocktail in hand for when you return.



Excursions are available to book before you arrive to the ship as well as when you board. Royal Caribbean offers a huge amount of excursions from snorkeling to touring, to seeing the local animals and aquatic life. It is best to book your tours through Royal Caribbean directly as these tours are guaranteed to protect you should anything delay you from getting to your ship on time. You get professional guides included and it is a great way to meet your fellow cruisers.


For more tips and tricks on cruising, contact Leta Seegmiller-Free  who is an International Travel Consultant at Flight Centre Waterloo, and can be reached online or by calling 1-844-402-8650. You can also connect with any of our Cruise Specialists across Canada.