Top 6 Reasons to Choose Trafalgar – the Insider of Guided Vacations

by Alyssa Daniells
happy couple visits the london bridge with trafalgar tours

If you’re looking for a tour that includes local experiences, unique stays, comfortable transport, and quality accommodations, trust the industry-leading pros at Trafalgar

Whether you’re visiting France and Italy, exploring Europe, heading out on an adventure to New Zealand, or trekking across South America, Trafalgar’s guided tours allow you to experience the freedom to discover and the confidence to explore.

For families, couples, and independent travellers who like the security of travelling in a group, here are our top 6 reasons to choose Trafalgar!

1. Reputation

three travellers enjoy a clifftop hike on a sunny day

You’ll be travelling with the most-awarded travel brand in the world, esteemed by travel authorities and trusted by life-long customers. Since 1947, Trafalgar has been an industry leader, known for its knowledgeable guides, immersive itineraries, comfortable stays, and modern coaches.

2. Comfort

You’ll be travelling in comfort aboard Trafalgar’s modern, spacious, air-conditioned motor coaches. The fleet features comfortable reclining seats, onboard washrooms, and elevated seating that boasts great views through large windows, whether it’s the visual feast that is Namibia’s national parks, or the picturesque English countryside. Accommodations also provide comfort, cleanliness, and quality service.

3. In Good Company

Trafalgar travellers hail from around the world! Most Trafalgar guests are over the age of 50, with a sense of fun and adventure. Explore the world in good company with new,  like-minded friends from places like the UK, Australia, Europe, Singapore, South Africa and the United States. Don’t be surprised if you remain in touch and plan your next vacation with them.

4. Flexibility

Trafalgar tours are crafted to give you the freedom to enjoy your trip, your way. Itineraries are crafted to balance planned activities with personal time, so roam through Rome, or hustle through Brussels, it’s up to you!

Trafalgar also offers Optional Experiences and At Leisure tours, which allow more time for independent sightseeing. Ask an Expert Traveller for advice on how to customize your group tour to fit your travel style.

5. Go Local

group of friends smiling in Venetian gondola

You’ll connect with locals! Trafalgar tours are led by Local Guides who proudly welcome you into their community. Be My Guest experiences invite you to dine with local families, while Local Specialists, give you a glimpse of craftspeople and artisans at work (think chocolatiers in Belgium or glassblowers in Venice). You’ll Dive into Culture, discover Hidden Gems, and sleep in Stays With Stories,  for the ultimate, immersive local experience.

6. Make Travel Matter

Your travels can make a positive impact. When you travel with Trafalgar, you support over 50 global sustainable JoinTrafalgar initiatives, funded by Trafalgar’s parent company’s not-for-profit TreadRight Foundation. Projects include reforesting acres of devastated land, preserving nature and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, supporting women’s co-operatives, protecting wildlife, and even eliminating single-use plastics in their offices by 2022. By choosing Trafalgar, you’re making travel matter! 


Quite simply, Trafalgar’s guided vacations are an optimal way to travel in comfort and safety, showing you all the must-sees and revealing nuances about a place that a typical tourist would not get to experience. Since when was a guidebook able to do that? Take that dream Amalfi Coast road trip without the hassles of driving yourself, or explore Europe for guaranteed memorable experiences.


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