Top 5 Things to do in Southern California

by Emma Hackwood
LA, California

Planning your next trip? Why not visit our neighbours to the south and explore the Golden State, California! Here are five must-dos from San Diego to Los Angeles.

 1. Stay at the Oldest Resort in North America

Opening their doors in 1888, the Del Coronado is drenched in history. It is best known as “the first resort destination in North America”. Everyone from famous celebrities to politicians, have stayed at this landmark hotel. In the grand lobby of the Del Coronado you can step back in time, enjoying a vintage elevator ride up to your room, complete with a door man and sliding, carved metal doors!

For you movie buffs, you’ll be interested to know that the classic Marilyn Monroe movie,  “Some Like it Hot” was filmed in this resort in 1958. If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, the Del Coronado boasts owning the most beautiful ballroom in the world. In fact, L. Frank Baum, the author of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz sat in this ballroom while writing this famous novel as it was his  inspiration for the Emerald City.

This hotel manages to blend its extraordinary, historic past with modern luxury. It is THE place for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.

2. Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a beautiful and charming, surfers’ paradise! With over 14 miles of stretched-out, sandy beaches you can spend all day by the water. There is also an amazing boardwalk riddled with shops, cafes and pubs. You can walk, bike or roller blade alongside the water, stopping for anything that catches your eye. even allow you to rent bikes for the day to explore the bay area.

3. “World of Color” –Disneyland

Every night Disney puts on a incredible water and light show choreographed to all to your favourite Disney music. With over 1,200 fountains, fog, lights, lasers, and fire, you’re always in for a spectacular night!

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High definition pictures and videos are even projected onto the mist from the fountains, corresponding with the music. A magical story is portrayed throughout the show and it is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye of any Disney fanatic, new or old.

4. Halloween Night – Knott’s Berry Farm

Each Year for Halloween, Knott’s Berry Farm gets transformed into a ghoulish city, filled with real-life zombies, horrific ‘killers’ and  scary creatures. It’s your classic “let’s go get ourselves scared out of our pants for kicks” experience. A thick fog engulfs the park so  you’ll never know when a zombie is going to jump out to scare you, leaving you shivering with anticipation and excitement. All rides at the theme park are open including the roller coasters.

They also create unique, haunted mazes, which you can imagine are a test of courage on their own. Knott’s Berry Farm brings consistent adrenaline pumping excitement all year round, but it is definitely on an entirely different level on Halloween night. Full disclaimer: this attraction is not for the faint of heart. The fear is part of the fun, and at the end of the night you leave smiling! Even celebrities have been known to attend the event every year and love it!

5. TMZ Tours –Los Angeles

TMZ for those of you who don’t know, are also know as the paparazzi! The company hosts a 3-hour guided tour all over Hollywood. Your guide is an actual TMZ employee complete with his/her camera, which is always ready to shoot just in case a celebrity sighting presents itself.

If a celebrity is spotted, the TMZ guide will get out and try to convince the celebrity to come back to the bus for a live interview. If this is the case, you also might end up on TV! This tour is also a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with Los Angeles while taking in all of its spectacular sights.

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