Top 5 Food Festivals Worth Travelling the World For

by Emese Graham
food festivals 2019

Canada’s festival season is sweet, but short. Fortunately, a little taste for adventure can help you extend your foodie summer throughout the whole year. These mouth-watering international food festivals are among our favourite travel experiences to satiate an appetite for flavour.

1. Oktoberfest


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When is it? The 2019 Munich Oktoberfest will take place between September 21st and October 6th.

Arguably the world’s most famous food festival, Germany’s Oktoberfest has been a celebration of eats, drink, and Bavarian culture for over two centuries. Don a dirndl or some lederhosen and ride the U-Bahn to Theresienwiese, the grand field which has served as Oktoberfest’s location since its commencement as a wedding reception for Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese.

It’s virtually impossible not to embrace the buzz of millions of people who gather to enjoy an abundance of soft pretzels, pints, parades, and plenty of Bratwürste.

2. Salon du Chocolat


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When is it? The 2019 Salon du Chocolat takes place in Paris from October 30th to November 3rd.

When you see a procession of models gliding down the runway wearing nothing but chocolate, you know you’ve made it to Salon du Chocolat, the world’s largest celebration of all things cocoa.

The delightful Parisian food festival is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary with the sweetest jubilation yet. Chocolate masters gather from around the world to give pastry demonstrations, reveal intricate chocolate sculptures, and craft award-winning treats for once-in-a-lifetime tastings.

Follow your craving around the world- the Salon du Chocolat is also celebrated in Beirut, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Lyon, Kite, Moscow, New York, and Seoul.

3. Lobster Festival


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When is it? The 2019 Maine Lobster Festival takes place from July 31st to August 4th.

Interestingly, the Maine Lobster Festival has Canadian roots. Inspired by a community lobster festival in Nova Scotia, the Rockport community founded their own annual marine festival in 1947 to help revive their neighbourhoods after World War 2.

Decades later, the internationally renowned celebration of fresh, quality seafood is still run entirely by volunteers and remains at its heart a charitable event for local initiatives.

You’ll find a mouthwatering menu of lobster rolls, lobster bisque, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, along with other features from Penobscot bay like haddock, scallops, and clams. Enjoy the wine and beer tastings, cooking competitions, and the hilarious lobster crate race.

4. Food Zurich


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When is it? The 4th annual 2019 Food Zurich in Switzerland took place on May 16th to May 26th. Stay tuned for 2020 dates!

Food Zurich is the new kid on the block, taking culinary innovation to the next level in one dazzling city-wide festival.

Combining hands-on workshops with pop-up restaurants, street food parties, picnics, food tours, and cuisine master classes, Switzerland’s largest food festival is a force to be reckoned with. Discover the art of pasta making, taste traditional cuisine from the hidden corners of the world, or find out how today’s best and brightest chefs can make healthy ingredients fresh and exciting.

The last day of Food Zurich is “Food Save Day”, where chefs and restaurateurs “rescue” quality ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, then transform them into new creative dishes to enjoy. So there’s no such thing as biting off more than you can chew.

5. Ñam Santiago


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When is it? The 2019 Ñam Santiago took place on April 4th to 7th. Stay tuned for 2020 dates!

Climb up Santa Lucia Hill (that is, take the metro) to find the best views of Santiago, the Andes mountains, and if you time it right, Chile’s most exciting food festival.

Ñam Santiago attracts both the up-and-coming gastronomer and the most well-established figures on the food scene. Make sure you’ve grabbed your tickets for a strong line-up of cooking workshops, tasting menus, and cocktail demonstrations.

Or join the crowds at the market, where food truck operators, street vendors, and local producers unite to celebrate the best ingredients in Latin cuisine. It’s all happening to the beat of live music and the hubbub of active kitchens.


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