WestJet Stuns with Complete Rebrand, Now Canada Air!

by Daniel Nikulin
WestJet rebrands as Canada Air

To help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Calgary based carrier, WestJet Airlines, went further than perhaps any company honouring Canada’s sesquicentennial – by scrapping its name and completely rebranding itself as Canada Air.

In a head-spinning You Tube announcement, the airline’s Vice President of Marketing Communications, Richard Bartrem, explained the reason for the shocking move, aligning Canadian values tightly with the values of those who work for the airline, affectionately called ‘WestJetters’. In lieu of said shared values, it would only make sense for the airline to be more aptly named.

The two and a half minute spot even showcases WestJet’s – I mean, Canada Air’s brand new livery on a freshly painted B737, surrounded by WestJetters – no, wait. Canada Air-ers?

Oh, just see for yourself.

WestJet nails it again.

Nope, this ain’t the airline’s fist rodeo. They’ve been at the creative hands of a few compelling videos in the past but have focused more on pulling heart strings rather than the cheekiness of their latest ad. This time, not only does their marketing department stay on point with yet another brilliant video, they even manage to take a quiet jab at their competitor by almost using their name.

Well done, WestJet. You are quickly giving Air New Zealand a run for their money as the airline with the most hilarious online ads. Keep up the great work!




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