5 Things you Need to Eat in Peru

by Sandra Fernandes-Gagliano

Peru is becoming a leader in the world of gastronomy, tempting palates of many with their delicious ceviches and delightful drinks. Our Travel Consultant Sandra just returned from this beautiful country and shares 5 things you need to eat during your time in Peru:

I have always dreamed of travelling to Peru to see the wonder that is Machu Picchu. It has always awed and inspired me, making me question the power and determination of the human spirit. So when I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with G Adventures on a Comfort tour, I could not have been more excited to embark on this dream adventure! Having dreamed of going to Peru for two decades, I thought I knew what I was in store for. But I can confidently say that Peru exceed my expectations and surprised me in ways I didn’t anticipate! Here is a list of the 5 most note-worthy, must-do, must-eat experiences that every traveller in Peru must partake in!


1. Cuy

Sandra eating Cuy

So, I will start off by saying that I had a pet hamster growing up as a child, and truly loved that little guy. However, when it comes to travelling to far off places, I love being open-minded and trying random foods. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised when it came to trying grilled guinea pig in Cusco! Yes, it definitely pulled at my heart strings when I saw the little guy all grilled up on a platter, but when would I ever have a chance to try guinea pig again? I know that people say everything tastes like chicken, but guinea pig definitely tastes like chicken! In addition to making a great photo opportunity, it is also really low in fat and tastes really good grilled or fried. I would definitely recommend trying cuy (guinea pig) at an established grill house as opposed to a fast-food diner, as the quality of meat and seasoning will be a lot better.


2. Ceviche

Ceviche in Peru

Originating in Peru, Ceviche is a popular seafood dish in the coastal regions of Central and South America. Basically it’s made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and spiced with chili peppers. Each chef likes to add their own flare to it by including other seasonings such as chopped onions, salt and cilantro. One of the best places to enjoy it is in the coastal region of Lima which is a popular destination for fishing and will offer the freshest (and tastiest) ingredients.


3. Where to Eat: Fallen Angel

There is an amazing restaurant/lounge/guest house in Cusco called “Fallen Angel”. I strongly recommend that you check this place out! In addition to having the most amazing food, it is also a really cool place with fantastic local artwork! This has been a favourite among celebrities, so you never know who could be sitting next to you!


4. Pollo Loco

Peru is definitely a leader in the world of gastronomy, tempting palates of many with their delicious ceviches and delightful drinks! But one leader in the taste department doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, and that is barbeque chicken! Unlike the barbeque chicken you may be accustomed to, the locals all over Peru value their roasted chicken that has been slowly seasoned in a beautiful combination of spices, then slowly roasted over charcoal. The result is a savoury delight to the senses, never short on flavour! Pair this with fresh french fries and you have a local meal that will leave you drooling long after you have returned home!


5. Fresh Food from Local Markets

local market in Peru

All around Peru, you will find great markets with food, groceries and textiles. But if you want to really experience everyday Peruvian life, you should definitely take a stroll through one of the local markets. These will be less frilly then the tourist-centric ones, and will not only allow you to do some awesome people watching, but will get you the best prices on everything from Alpaca Ponchos to bull testicle soup (yes, this is actually something you can eat!) Don’t forget, however, that bargaining with pricing is customary in Peru, and thus, initial prices of things will always come up higher than you can get them for.

As I get back into the routine of my everyday life, I can’t help but feel as though I have been changed for the better! The people I met in Peru are such friendly, beautiful souls who offered the metaphorical clothes off their backs in order to make us feel comfortable and welcome in their country. I thought I knew what to expect of this trip, and I am so happy to have been surprised! This makes me realize that no matter how much research we do before a trip, brochures and travel books will never be able to describe the feeling you get while sitting on a balcony in Cuzco, overlooking the Plaza de Armas, while sipping a delicious cappuccino.

coffee in Peru

Experience is more colourful than any printed word, and this trip to Peru made me realize that the best way to experience a country and culture is to actually experience it. After one week experiencing Peru, I can confidently say that I would love to go back and continue to be inspired and amazed, and encourage you to do the same!


Looking for more information on travelling to Peru or with G Adventures? Sandra Fernandes-Gagliano is an Adventure Expert at our Flight Centre Adventure Annex store in Toronto, Ontario and can be reached online or by calling 1-855-240-4352.