Pride 2017: What’s Red and White and Proud all over?

by Alyssa Daniells
pride flag rainbow sunshine blue sky

That’s a bit of a trick question, because we have two answers in mind:

The Canadian Flag and the Flight Centre brand!

The Pride rainbow and red maple leaf are flying proudly this month and as Canada’s 150th birthday approaches on July 1.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embraces diversity as he marches in the Toronto Pride parade. Alex Guibord /Flickr

June is designated as International Pride Month and we’ve had the privilege to send many of you to celebrations around the world. This year, Madrid has the esteemed honour of being chosen to host World Pride 2017.

Meanwhile, we are super excited about what’s happening here in our own backyard. Toronto Pride festivities are underway and our Flighties at our Church Street store in Toronto will be showing their support in the heart of Canada’s largest LGBTQ neighbourhood.

For those of you on the west coast, Flight Centre will have a presence in the Vancouver 2017 Pride parade, on August 6th.

PM Justin Trudeau will be in attendance for both city’s celebrations and is expected to be at Montreal Pride 2017. It will also be celebrated in August this year, to tie into the city’s 350th birthday. If you haven’t booked your flights and hotel, look no further than Flight Centre. We suggest you book soon for the best prices and selection; as always our expert advice is free.

gay pride parade toronto lqbtq giant rainbow flag march

Going from red and white, to waving the colours of the rainbow in June, is a natural transition for Flight Centre. As a global travel company, our mission is to open the world to those who want to see, and this includes bringing different people together.

Travel cultivates tolerance, harmony and unity. At a local level, Flight Centre embodies and delivers these values to our clients and neighbourhoods.  Flight Centre is founded on the principles that Pride celebrates. From our front-line staff in our retail shops, to our global head offices, our hiring practices are egalitarian and our culture is one of pride and inclusivity.

Where are you going to be for Pride 2017? Be sure to tag #flightcentrecanada in your Instagram and Facebook photos.

Hope to see you out!

Happy Pride,

Your friends at Flight Centre.