April 29 is World Wish Day. Here’s what we’re wishing for! (Believe it or not, it’s not travel.)

by Alyssa Daniells
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Birthday candles and falling stars.  Wishbones and four-leaf clovers. There are many things we conventionally wish upon. But did you know April 29 is officially World Wish Day?

A sweet name with a sweeter cause, World Wish Day commemorates the original dream that was behind the creation of Make-A-Wish® Foundation.

On April 29th, 1980, Chris Greicius had his lifetime dream, to become a police officer, come true. At the tender age of seven, the little boy, suffering from advanced leukaemia, was made police officer for the day by the local police force. Chris, outfitted in a pint-sized uniform that employees at the uniform manufacturer worked all night to complete, was thrilled.  Although Chris was the sidekick to heroic officers, he was considered the true hero.

Many took note of this powerful idea; granting terminally ill children their greatest wish. Inspired by Chris and the police officers, Make-A-Wish® Foundation was born soon after. Nearly forty years later, the organization is one of the best-known children’s charities in the world today.

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World Wish Day is near and dear to Flight Centre. As a Make-A-Wish® sponsor for almost 14 years, we’re committed to delivering life-changing experiences for sick children.

The charity uses April 29th as a day for worldwide awareness of their noble cause. It’s also a day of gratitude and appreciation for the countless donors, medical teams, volunteers and the Make-A-Wish® kids and their families.

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Unified by the vision and mission of realizing the dreams of these brave children, Make-A-Wish®  operates in countries across the globe. Flight Centre Canada raises money for the Canadian chapter, with well over $500,000 raised to date.

The first wish Flight Centre sponsored was sending 16-year old Kirby to New York City for a shopping spree. Since then, our gifts of travel have also included Disneyland to meet favourite characters, Hawaii to swim with dolphins and Rome to meet the Pope.  Cash donations are also part of our sponsorship, including money raised by charitable endeavours like Flight Centre’s Wish Trek to Iceland, which raised nearly $50,000.

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Make-A-Wish® Canada operates thanks to the generous support of everyday people, as well as corporate and celebrity sponsors. In honour of World Wish Day, we don’t need to blow on a dandelion clock or cross our fingers, we just hope you’ll donate to this very worthwhile charity.

As for Chris Greicius, his wish to become a police officer happened just in time. Five days after his wish came true, Chris passed away.

There are many stories like his and those with happy endings. To see more, look for the hashtag #WorldWishDay on social media. Last year, the event generated 90,000+ mentions using the #. The charity will grant more than 200 wishes on World Wish Day, as well as events taking place in over 20 countries.

Choose Flight Centre or a travel company with corporate responsibility for your next trip, or find out ways you can help support Make-A-Wish® Canada.


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