Flight Centre's Anti-Spam Policy

Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. dba Flight Centre ("Flight Centre") will ensure to act in accordance with Canada's Anti – Spam Legislation ("CASL").

Spam is defined as any electronic commercial message sent without the express consent of the recipient(s). Spam is also used as the vehicle for the delivery of other online threats such as spyware, phishing and malware.

Flight Centre understands that the anti - spam legislation in Canada is in place to deter damaging and misleading forms of spam. Flight Centre has an ongoing training approach in ensuring its continued compliance with this legislation.

Most, if not all of our recipients are our clients or prospective clients ("Clients"). Flight Centre certifies that it will use its software only to send emails to Clients with confirmed opt - in. Flight Centre's consumer opt - in approach is by gaining expressed consent for commercial electronic messages purposes prior to sending commercial messages (including emails), unless we have a pre - existing business relationship with the Clients as in these particular cases consent is considered to be implied.

Flight Centre shall ensure the following practices are adhered to when using electronic messaging for marketing and promotion purposes:

  • Diligent management of the email list of our Clients
  • Ensure that all essential company information is contained within the message including our company name and contact information
  • Provide an opt - in approach to all Clients to confirm that they wish to receive Flight Centre messages
  • Include an opt - out (through unsubscribing) message that is prominent and accessible within the email
  • Confirmation of unsubscribing request and fulfilled within ten(10) business days

Flight Centre uses strict security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of data of our Clients. Please review our privacy policy for more information about our security measures. We will never share or sell our client data.

If you have any concerns about Flight Centre's Anti - Spam Policy, please contact us:

Flight Centre
700 - 980 Howe Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 0C8
V6E 4E5
Or email us here

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