Top 6 Reasons To Book A Last-Minute Vacation, This Minute

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Published 19 April 2016


Until recently, if you asked me, “How can I persuade you to go on vacation?” I’d have laughed in your face (very politely, of course.) Put it this way, if a travel opportunity arose, before you could utter, “Holiday, anyone?  I’d have hailed a cab to the airport.

Sometimes I surprise myself. Last month, a friend found a great last-minute vacation deal to the Bahamas and I responded with a litany of excuses. Me; the Bona Fide Travel Aficionado Vacation Junkie with a Penchant for Spontaneity, was suddenly rethinking her title (and not because it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.) I rationalized that I have to work, I should save money, it’s a ‘want,’ not a ‘need,’ and so forth.

Thankfully, Alex convinced me to go, by asking these three simple questions: a) Got a valid passport? b) Got a credit card? c) Got a bikini? To which I responded, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” OK, so there was a bit more to his compelling argument, which is what I’d like to share with you. Forgive me if I sound evangelical, but I’m freshly back from my holiday and thrilled about my last-minute travel decision.

By answering the following questions, I have a feeling you’ll end up with the top 6 reasons to book a last minute vacation:


1. Do You Want The Best Price Possible?

A last-minute vacation is a great way to save money without settling for a cheaper resort. Similarly, it opens up the possibility of seeing places you didn’t think you could afford. Last-minute packages bring the world to the budget conscious (and who isn’t mindful about overspending?) Hotels want their rooms booked, so given the choice between empty rooms or discounted ones, they favour the latter. For the last-minute traveller, this equals lower prices.


2. Do You Want to Add Excitement to Your Life?

Imagine a world without spontaneity. Why, we’d see wedding chapels and tattoo parlours closing left, right and centre! A spontaneous vacation however, is unlikely to cause regret. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a surefire way to renew your zeal for life. It gets the ol’ synapses firing a little differently, making you more aware, in the moment and excited learn and experience new things. Making an impromptu decision, then successfully following through on it, boosts your confidence.  If this has got you excited at all, imagine what a holiday would do.


3. Do You Want Quality Time With Loved Ones?

I originally wrote the above as "with friends and family” but sometimes it’s those people that incites our need to leave! Being in different surroundings has the rewarding side effect of making you feel closer to those you are familiar with. This translates to a sense of intimacy and bonding with those you care about. By the way, feel free to turn “loved ones” to the singular and go by yourself. If you’re pressed to find someone to join you on a spontaneous trip, why not go alone and treat yourself to invaluable self-reflection and a time-out from your daily routine? (But if you really want to convince friends to join you, then I hope this list helps!)


4. Do You Want to Escape Bad Weather?

I live in Toronto, and as any of my compatriots in Southern Ontario can understand, our weather can be frustratingly unpredictable. Just when we think spring’s arrived, we have to dig out our snow boots again. This makes a last-minute vacation the perfect antidote to sudden inclement weather. Mother Nature spreading snow on a whim? By booking a last-minute trip to a tropical destination, you can be as impulsive as her!


5. Do You Need To Recharge Your Batteries?

Sometimes, you can predict when you’re going to be tired. More often than not, you don’t know when exhaustion will hit, and this is where a last-minute holiday can do wonders for your well-being. Taking a break when your body tells you to will bring about both energy and internalized peace. I returned from my week-long break and was relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. I was sharper at work, not to mention in a better mood, ready to conquer my tasks (and evidently, blog about it to tell others.) A holiday is like a booster cable for your spirit!


6. Have You Ever Anticipated A Fun Time Only To Be Let Down?

You’ve heard it before. After looking forward to a big night out, you’re let down, but it’s those last-minute gatherings end up pleasantly entertaining.  It’s like the greater the anticipation, the greater chance of disappointment. Had I been anticipating my Bahamas trip for months, I’d have hyped it so much to myself that the small stuff that I experienced on holiday may not have amounted to as much, based on my perception. I tell you, I was about to start a business in the Bahamas selling “Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Take Last Minute Vacations” bumper stickers in souvenir shops. A last-minute vacation almost guarantees that you’ll have a blast.


So there you have it. I could go on, but that would take up more of your time. Don’t waste another minute, check out awesome last-minute packages.

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