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Enjoy your in-flight experience with comfortable leather seating, quiet cabins and Premium Seat options for Porter Airlines.

Porter Airline’s turboprop fleet does not offer separate cabin classes. For those looking for extra legroom, there are six Premium Seats located at the front of the cabin, providing two extra inches of seat pitch at 34 inches, instead of the the usual 32 inch seat pitch. There is an added charge for these roomier seats. Guests in Premium seating are also allowed to board first.

Porter’s seats are orthopedic and ergonomically-contoured. To add to the relaxing journey, Porter flights come equipped with a system that suppresses noise and vibration.

Ask your Flight Centre consultant about priority seating. We are also happy to request seats at the time of your booking, or when checking in online. Like most other airlines nowadays, Porter now charges for advance seat selection. Alternately, you may choose your seat up to 24 hours in advance using online check-in or the mobile Porter app.

Due to the smaller nature of the turboprop fleet, there is no in-flight entertainment, however Porter’s hip and swanky monthly magazine is worth a read, located in the seatback pocket in front of you.