5 fun facts about Flight Centre that may surprise you.

by Alyssa Daniells

What do Bill Clinton, building houses and Buzz Nights all have to do with Flight Centre Canada? Read on and we’ll tell you!

A Career with Flight Centre

We hear it often and maybe you’ve said it yourself. “Are travel agencies still relevant?” Or, “Who becomes a travel agent anymore, when people can book online?”

The truth is, there is some truth to those statements!

The first is a valid question to ask, and one we’re happy to answer. In short, yes.

That’s not just our biased opinion, either. Honestly!

Let us explain. Travel industry reports show an upward trend for travel agencies in recent years. And no, it’s not the Baby Boomers, like you may think. Millennials are the ones enlisting the help of travel agents.

In our tech-driven lives, people are embracing time away from their screens. But even while in front of them, you can look at airfares, vacation deals and more and see that a bricks and mortar travel agency like Flight Centre, still offers competitive, and often the cheapest, prices.

People jumping in Bolivia at sunset

Flighties jumping for travel joy on a Bolivia FAM.

Secondly, we receive loads of applications weekly from a younger demographic, fuelled by wanderlust as well as wanting meaningful work. This is a contrast to the old stereotype of a travel agent, out of touch and only helping technologically-challenged clients. Sure enough, millennials see the value of not only in using a travel agency, but becoming travel consultants as well.

Flight Centre matured from an innovative tour bus company back in the 1970s to a worldwide presence today. It’s our youthful spirit that continues to propel us forward. Not to mention, the passion behind our people and the investment we put in them. We are well-established, but young at heart.

It’s our mandate to “Open the world for those who want to see.” We’re proud to say we are one of the world’s largest retailers of travel. But enough about us. What’s in it for you?

5 Surprising Facts About Flight Centre

Here are some  fun facts you may or may not know about Flight Centre:

1. How big we really are.

Round the world flights map

Sure, you may feel like you see our red storefronts all over the place, but our Canadian presence alone just scratches the surface. Founded in Australia, where Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) remains the largest travel retailer in the continent, we have businesses in 13 different countries, including the UK, South Africa, India, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, USA and the Netherlands. And we’re not just the well-known Flight Centre brand. Flight Centre Travel Group is a global company encompassing over 30 brands. If you’ve ever dreamed of working in a different country, starting with a company with global offices is a great place to start. A large organization also means a wider scope of career opportunities than you may realize. It’s not unusual to find former travel consultants working in management roles at Flight Centre headquarters, because we typically hire internally first. This upward mobility spawned the trending hashtag, #Flightie4Life.

2. We love to celebrate.

make memories on vacation

If Open the world for those who want to see is our mandate, work hard, play hard could be our unofficial motto. Celebrating achievements plays a big role in Flight Centre’s work culture. Each month our travel consultants are treated to a fun night of food, drinks and entertainment where successes are rewarded and collaborative work inspired. We call these our monthly Buzz Nights. These recognitions of achievements culminate in the truly amazing Flight Centre Global Gathering. This annual three-day event sees top consultants—thousands from around the world— flown to an exotic and exciting destination, gathered to celebrate their successes. A surprise Celebrity guest (yes that’s celebrity with a capital “C”!)  and world-class musical performers make this global gathering one for the history books. Past speakers include Bill Clinton, Gwyneth Patrow, and Nobel Prize winners. From the musical world, Fat Boy Slim DJd an epic beach party in Singapore, Duran Duran got everyone moving in Hawaii and Pitbull dropped it down in Mexico for an exclusive Flight Centre show.

3.We want you to travel.

You can’t sell travel without travelling. Flight Centre agents get time off and discounted trips to get to know new locations and experiences. These familiarization trips are nicknamed FAMs for short. Plus, our consultants get hooked up with other incentives like travel agent rates and conferences that take you to all sorts of awesome places (on the company’s tab.)

4. We care about your work/life balance.

healthwise canada run for the cure 2017 toronto canada fit flighties charity work flight centre careers

Flight Centre employees get free access to in-house money management consultants to help budget their personal finances. Some have saved to buy houses thanks to a few simple tweaks suggested by Moneywise experts. We also have approachable Healthwise consultants to help our employees stay healthy. Fun and free activities happen all the time, helping you implement daily health goals and coaching you for events you never thought possible. Yes, even marathons.

5. We take social responsibility seriously.

flight centre foundation logo

At Flight Centre Travel Group, you are part of a dynamic and caring community that believes in giving back through our Foundation and our Responsible Travel Charter.

Through the work and money raised through our Foundation, we build a brighter future in the communities where we work, live and travel. Sometimes, build is used in the literal sense—building houses, schools and opportunities at the local level. The Flight Centre Foundation is a collective effort of all Canadian employees to make a positive, charitable impact on local and global communities. We are also a corporate sponsor  of  Make-A-Wish® Canada, dedicated to making a positive impact on children with life-threatening medical conditions, with the goal of “enriching the human experience with hope, strength and joy.” Whatever the child’s one true wish may be, our efforts over the years have changed lives.

So, ready to change yours?

Take the first step in becoming a #Flightie4Life. Learn more about Flight Centre careers and search our current employment listings. We would love to hear from you.

Flighties on a Cuba FAM, family style.



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