8 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Bermuda

by Emma Hackwood
Rocky beach in Bermuda

Looking for ideas on where to take your next vacation? Here are just a few great reasons why you should consider Bermuda and all that it has to offer.

Epic Sunsets

Alright, so we know you can experience a sunset anywhere in the world, but there’s something about these island sunsets that will leave you wanting more.

For the best sunset view, visit Daniel Head Park which overlooks the waters of Somerset Long Bay. Watch as the moon takes its place and the evening sounds of Bermuda become a lively soundtrack.

Crystal Caves

Located 120 feet underground, Crystal Caves is one of the largest cave systems on the island. Its dramatic stalactites and stalagmites will leave you in awe. Walk the pontoon bridge across underground Cahow Lake, sporting a crystal clear depth of 17M / 55FT.

Cliff Jumping

Lose yourself (and the ground under you) as you leap from a 30-foot-high cliff into the cool, crystal-clear waters of Bermuda.


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One of the best places to experience cliff jumping and rock climbing is Admiralty House Park. From deep water, to cool caves, you’ll never want to leave.

Scuba Diving

Nicknamed the ‘Shipwreck Capital of the World’, Bermuda is home to over 300 shipwrecks waiting to be explored. Contact a local dive shop and you can arrange a full day dive or snorkeling excursion. We also recommend checking out the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute where you can discover treasure, see one of the world’s most impressive shell collections, and examine the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

Pink Sand!

Once you step foot on Horseshoe Bay Beach you will realize why it is the most celebrated beach. The long, sweeping crescent of pink sand makes it a popular choice any time of year.


Bermuda is the perfect place for a golf vacation. Head to Port Royal Golf Course, which hosted the PGA Grand Slam of for Golf 2009 to 2014. Play a round like the Pros and enjoy the spectacular views. You can also check out Tucker’s Point Golf Club, Fairmont Southampton’s Turtle Hill Golf Club, Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club, and Belmont Hills Golf Club.

The Bermuda Railway Trail

To see “the real” Bermuda, many islanders will suggest you get off the beaten path and get on the fabled Bermuda Railway Trail. Spanning the island from end to end, the trail follows an abandoned rail bed that winds through tranquil landscapes and along stunning rocky coastlines. We recommend starting at Royal Naval Dockyard and renting a bike.

The Unfinished Church

In Bermuda’s colonial capital St. George’s, sits an architectural gem called the Unfinished Church. Construction on the church began in the late 1800s and was halted for a variety of financial and political reasons. 

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While there were several early attempts to complete construction, none were successful, and the space is now maintained and utilized in this unfinished state.

How to get to Bermuda:

There are daily nonstop flights to Bermuda from all over the US and Canada with both Air Canada and West Jet. Search flights to Bermuda online, or talk to a Flight Centre Travel Expert for more info.