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Published on October 11th, 2017 | by Alyssa Daniells


Business Travel: What Can You Really Buy for $25?

$25 doesn’t get you much these days. Yet it can buy peace of mind, reduce stress and facilitate seamless business travel. How? We’ll tell you in the next five minutes.

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What is $25 to you?

  • A week’s worth of coffee?
  • 3 days of public transit?
  • 1 day of airport parking?
  • 8 toonies and 9 loonies?

Thoughts on how to spend that chunk of change may differ, but the general feeling is, twenty-five bucks doesn’t go far these days.

Unless, you’re a Flight Centre Business Travel client.  $25 means unlimited access to a dedicated FCBT corporate travel agent.  A professional at your disposal, versed in your company’s needs. There to consult on, arrange or change your business travel plans, anytime, anywhere.

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More bang for your business travel buck.

Why are we quoting this $25 figure, you ask?

That’s the small fee we charge for booking a client’s round-trip flight.

When you enlist Flight Centre Business Travel to take care of your company’s travel needs, we never charge a retainer fee. There is no lock-in contract and you gain access to our services 24/7.

Customers of FCBT are meticulously matched to a dedicated travel expert, devoted to your business and fluent in its needs.

FCBT corporate travel agents spend years working in the travel industry as consultants first, with significant time devoted to the business travel sector. In their roles with FCBT, they’ve honed a myriad of skills. This means you’re not just working with an experienced business travel expert, but a a) stealth researcher b) frequent flyer wiz c) travel insurance coordinator d) 24/7 emergency support e) bargain hunter. He or she may come across as a jack-of-all-trades, but they are travel specialists with a niche portfolio, including your thoughtfully-assigned company.

You will find we become an extension, if not an integral part, of your business. Your dedicated travel expert meets with you at regular intervals to stay current on your business climate and needs. Strategies are put in place and updated, not just save money, but to find creative ways of adding value to transactions.  This high-level of attentive service is included at no additional cost.

What is worry-free business travel worth to you?

To our clients, this small sum of $25 is worth a lot. It buys peace of mind.

To anyone who travels, sticking to a schedule is important. To the business traveller, it is paramount.

FCBT clients may rest assured knowing that $25 ensures flights are seamlessly planned.  Feel like changing your return flight to fly via a different city (enter the bleisure travel concept) we won’t charge you an additional fee. If you need a last-minute or emergency change, FCBT will be there for you, round-the-clock and around the world.

There are flights that must not be missed, for meetings and conferences that cannot be postponed. If your airline experiences an all-too-common delay or cancellation, you don’t have time nor resources to scramble to find an alternate route yourself. With 24/7 access to an FCBT travel expert, your dedicated one or another who knows your business, there is always someone on hand to get you on the next flight. We will work tirelessly to ensure your new plan doesn’t stray far from the original.  This could mean the difference of retaining an important account or avoiding significant financial loss.

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Peace of mind also comes from knowing your bottom line is among our top priorities. From sourcing the best airfare deals using our global network of suppliers and buying clout, to insider tricks to saving money.

Take for example, frequent flyer and loyalty program points. The system is tricky to navigate, but with all your information securely on file, we can earn you the most rewards, making them go further than you imagined.

That’s right, your detailed travel profile is in a secured file, so you never need to start from the beginning with us and waste your precious time. For this alone, that $25 flight booking fee is a drop in the ocean (whichever one you cross!) From routine flights to complex bookings, like multiple flyers or corporate events, the information we need is at our professional fingertips.

FCBT is devoted to making your business travel something you don’t have to think about. All you need to do is show up, passport in hand.

The cheapest travel-related fee you’ll pay.

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Whether you are a business owner, executive assistant or administrator, your already know your daily business routine can get disrupted in an instant. Organizing flights, plus accommodation, drivers and more, while performing your other responsibilities, is challenging.

Tasks that may take you weeks to complete may be achieved in with a quick  call or email to FCBT. These include arranging flights, hotels, car rental or pick-up service, frequent flyer points, lounge passes and travel insurance.

Whether you are experienced organizing business travel or not, it is tricky. Factor in time constraints and balancing other work and it becomes fertile ground for making errors. The complexities of business travel are best left to an expert, including but not limited to, last minute changes or multiple bookings.

Indirectly but consequentially, $25 is a small price to pay for preventing costly errors. The stress of managing these travel assignments, plus your daily tasks, can easily lead to erroneous bookings and other mistakes.

Some math (it’s more compelling than it sounds!)

Most business trips in Canada cost about $1000-$1500:

Flights = $600

2 nights accommodation = $300

Expenses per diem = $120

Taxis = $100

So really, what’s a $25 fee?

Value-added reports at no extra cost to you.

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Through detailed reporting on how your money is spent, your FCBT travel expert is able to identify areas where you can cut spending.

We manage and measure your corporate travel program at no additional charge. FCBT works collaboratively with you to implement business travel policies to save money and improve efficiency. These reports are comprehensive and thorough, but most importantly, they work.


Why not get us working for you? Avoid the errors that could result in expensive results. Our nominal $25 fee saves you time, reduces risks and lessens stress. You can’t put a price on that.

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We welcome your questions. Please email an FCBT travel expert, or talk to your own dedicated consultant on how we can help you and your business travel soar to new heights.

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