Business Travellers, Let’s Celebrate Your Special Day!

by Alyssa Daniells

Whether or not you’re flying in the Business Class cabin at the moment, you’ll want the bubbly uncorked right now! That’s because April 24th is (insert drumroll…!) National Business Traveler Day.

Recognizing the Business Traveller

It’s official. Today is the inaugural National Business Traveler Day (NBTD). If you noticed we spelled “traveler” the American way, that was intentional—it’s a US holiday, after all.

Here at Flight Centre Business Travel (FCBT) Canada, we think every day is business traveller day (excuse the saccharine sentiments, but it’s true.) While this day is recognized nationally Stateside, we’d like to take time to acknowledge our clients, too. FCBT understands the significance of travel to your small business, and appreciates the sacrifices every business traveller makes—time away from loved ones, time zone changes, unexpected delays and so forth. We strive to mitigate these effects as much as possible, which is why your dedicated FCBT consultant books your business travel strategically and creatively, and is there for you day and night.

But amid the sometimes gruelling grind of business travel, there’s a fun side to it, as well.

Mixing Business Travel with Pleasure

Love or hate the term, bleisure travel is here to stay. Ever touched down in Vancouver for business and wished you could take a few days to ski Whistler? You’re in meetings with the Calgary office during the Stampede? Looking to see more of London while there on business, or take advantage of its proximity to a European destination you’ve dreamed of visiting? You see where we’re going with this—we’re talking about combing business travel with leisure time (hence bleisure.)

Since Business Traveller Day happens on the daily with FCBT Canada, we’re committed to helping you include personal time in your business travel. It will reduce stress, make your money go further and help you understand the people you do business with better, among many other proven positives.


Business Travel in Canada Facts

You already know FCBT thinks business travel is important, but you don’t have to take our passionate word for it. Last week, at the Global Business Travel Association’s annual conference, held in Toronto, released some astounding recent numbers on business travel’s economic impact in Canada.

  • Business travel is responsible for $40.1 Billion of Canada’s GDP
  • This made business travel account for 2.6 percent of the Canadian GDP in 2016
  • Business travel created over 573,000 jobs
  • Business travel generated $10.7 billion in federal, provincial and local taxes
  • Canadian business travellers took a total of 35.1 million trips
  • Business travel was up 5.7 percent from the previous year

Source: GBTA, in partnership with BCD Travel and Air Canada. Numbers are based on the most recent available, from 2016.

Travelling is a crucial driver of your small business. Let FCBT take care of your seamless travel plans so you can focus on what’s most important. Plus, we’ll find you a balance of down time to add to your business schedule, should you choose to.

Cheers to you, our valued FCBT business travellers!