Best Couples Holidays in Europe for 2022

by Emese Graham
a couple embraces on a canal bridge in amsterdam

It’s not like couple’s holidays are hard to find in Europe. What with guided tours, cruises, and tailor-made holidays, travelling duos have so much to choose from! And that’s kind of the problem, isn’t it? How the heck do you decide what to do next?!

You might be planning out your 2022 calendar or maybe you’re open to travelling earlier (with a little help from your friendly neighbourhood Travel Expert). Either way, make the most of Europe’s romantic destinations with our top ten unique stays and travel experiences for couples in 2022.

Spend the Night in a Windmill in Santorini

If you’ve ever peeked at a postcard of Santorini and wanted to crawl into the photo, now’s your chance. Stay at the one-of-a-kind Windmill Villas, where you and your partner can overnight in a traditional windmill-turned-hotel. Enjoy swimming with views of Santorini, sipping local wines, and hopping on a private catamaran sail for two.

Road Trip through Spain and Portugal

No, you won’t have to argue about who’s driving – the answer can be “neither” when you join a Blue-Roads small group coach tour. All the better to tour Toledo, Lisbon, Seville and beyond. You’ll be visiting UNESCO-listed mosques, savouring tapas and fresh-pressed olive oil, and soaking in the history and cultures of the Iberian Peninsula.


Cuddle Up in a Swedish Ice Hotel

thick furs cover a bed made of ice in icehotel

After a full day of snowmobiling, dog-sledding, skiing (or river rafting and biking, depending on the season), cozy up together in Icehotel. The aptly named hotel is, in fact, made up entirely of snow and ice, and filled with incredible ice installations throughout.


Cruise the British Isles

the view of inverness from the river

Find the perfect balance between city and countryside, noisy pubs and mysterious ‘Nessy. Exploring England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and the Channel Islands is incredibly rewarding (and equally affordable when you do it through a Royal Caribbean cruise!).


Write Your Own Fairytale in a German Forest

Experience the UNESCO-protected Spreewald Forest in one of the most magical ways possible. At Schlosshotel Furstlich Drehna, the two of you can stay in a 500-year-old German castle, just a short drive from the famed forest. Yes, there’s a moat. And yes, this trip will feel like a fantasy.


Watch the Stars from an Arctic Resort


Photo Credit: Valtteri Hirvonen & Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

If we had to sum up this getaway in one word: unforgettable. A visit to Kakslauttanen in Finland is as astounding as they come. You can gaze at the northern lights from a two-person glass igloo, a cozy log chalet, or your outdoor Jacuzzi. Feel the heat in your sauna or embrace the chill together with an arctic safari by husky, reindeer, or snowmobile.


Follow the Rhine through Europe

the avalon vista floats along the rhine at sunset

Perhaps an obvious choice for more seasoned couples, but if you haven’t experienced a river cruise along the Rhine, you and your sweetheart are in for a real treat! Start with a romantic three days in Lake Como Italy, then take a high-speed train to Basel (with a stop in Lucerne) where you’ll board the Avalon Vista for a beautiful 7-night river cruise to Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.


Cruise the Western Mediterranean in Style

sun loungers on the deck of a mediterranean cruise ship

You can’t do Europe’s rivers and skip the seas. Hop aboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas to travel from one unmissable destination to another. Marvel at Barcelona’s architecture, sunbathe in Palma de Mallorca, then bounce from Provence to Pisa and beyond. We can almost hear the bouzoukis, accordions, and 12-string guitars from here. (Or maybe it’s our Mediterranean playlist)


See it all in Turkey

a couple admire the many hot air balloons in the sky in cappadocia

You can’t rush Turkey! Take your time with a 15-day small group adventure led by Intrepid Travel. From swimming in Pamukkale’s thermal pools to sleeping in a cave hotel in Cappadocia; from sailing over a sunken city to floating in a hot air balloon ride, there’s so much to see, taste, and do.


See the Best of Italian Art & Culture

a couple share a laugh near the roman colosseum

There are so many ways to experience Italy; this one’s for the history lovers. Whisk your sweetheart away on an immersive holiday through Rome, Florence, and Venice. Skip the lines and enjoy privileged access to the Roman Colosseum, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, the Duomo, Doge’s Palace, and more. Boutique accommodations, like a 14th century monastery-turned-hotel, ensure your vacay is one of a kind.


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best couples holidays in europe for 2022