Fare of the Month – World Wanderer on Singapore Airlines

by Daniel Nikulin

Six stops on a single ticket? With one of the world’s top airlines? For how much?

When you think about your trip of a lifetime, which destinations come to mind? Have you ever really considered taking a year off life as you know it and making your dream trip more than just a dream? I know, the timing isn’t the best right now. It’s too much money, a year’s a long time and who knows what opportunities will be left for you when you get back, right?

Let’s face it, there will never be a perfect time to go. There will always be something holding you back unless you just get up and do it.

For those that have, a year-long round the world trip was undoubtedly a game changer. The knowledge and experience gained from such an adventure leaves lasting impressions, far outweighing anything they should have stayed home for. Speak to anyone who has taken the plunge and you’ll never hear a regret – ever.

The lessons we learn from seeing the world are priceless and there may not be a more important time than right now to get out and see how it really works. My advice to anyone on the fence, or even beginning their climb to the top, do it and don’t look back.

singapore airlines a380Fly one of the world’s best

Which brings us to the World Wanderer, a brilliant six-stop round the world fare with award-winning Singapore Airlines.

You might remember Singapore Airlines from the top of just about every airline rating list and the countless awards they’ve taken home over the years as one of the world’s most distinguished carriers. If you don’t, well, take our word for it. You haven’t seen service till you’ve flown with Singapore Airlines.

If that’s not enough, as a Star Alliance member, any frequent flyer points you accumulate on this trip can be used towards free Air Canada flights later.

Tip: the basic World Wanderer fare won’t accrue any Aeroplan points, but for a small fee (in the range of $150), you can upgrade to an economy fare that will.

La La Land

Begin with a stop in the Golden State and sunny Los Angeles. Grab a convertible and tour the coast or slip into a hotel and enjoy its spoils. Hey, you need to get a good base for that Asian sun later! Theme parks, major league sporting events, bistros, beaches and bars, the hardest part about visiting Los Angeles is deciding what to do first.


Art is everywhere. From trendy West L.A. pop-up galleries to the gritty street scenes of the East-side, Los Angeles is brimming with thought provoking creations and loves to show them off. Almost as much as it likes to shop. Outlet malls, beach shacks, Rodeo Drive… L.A. truly is a shopaholic’s dream.

But it isn’t just for urbanites. A short scenic drive can lead to some incredible hiking with fantastic views of the city as it meets the sea. A lunch stop could be a celebrity chef restaurant, a taco stand or a boat trip to Catalina Island – you decide!

Side trip: L.A. is the perfect home base to explore both the Bay Area north or San Diego to the south. Top to bottom, California screams road trip with one of the world’s most striking coastal drives.


The glitz of Los Angeles is the perfect warm-up for the bright lights of Tokyo, your introduction to Asia and the next amazing stop.


Japan is a must-see. Reserved yet energized, its balance between tradition and futurism is exemplary and often mind-boggling. Quality, respect and care take centre stage here in all aspects of its culture, be it the food, art, fashion and just about everything else.

From Mt. Fuji’s foothills to peaceful Kyoto, from serene gardens to fast-paced Tokyo, there’s simply no place like it anywhere. Island hop or keep it local, there’s as much to see here as you can handle before you jet off for the Land of Smiles.

Side trip: Japan is an archipelago of almost 7,000 islands but four of the largest are easily accessible. Grab a Japan Rail Pass to ski in the winter, surf in the summer, and explore all of this remarkable country.

Buddha-full Bangkok

Be prepared to have your senses blown! Seductive wafts of spicy-sweet street food, the backpacker bustle of Khao San Road, ornate temples, mad markets and zooming tuk-tuks, Thailand’s boisterous capital stops for no one, and thank goodness.


If it’s Buddha you’re after, there’s no shortage here. Eccentric, golden wats dot the city and need a visit no matter your faith.

Lunch can be riverside, bought from the floating market on the Chao Phraya River, or as part of an authentic Thai cooking class. Dinner can be anywhere, for there are as many great street-eat options as there are restaurants.

Need a new suit? Have one tailored at a fraction of the cost back home – ready in 24hrs. Everyone leaves Bangkok thinking just about anything is possible there. And they’re probably right.

Side trip: Not all of Thailand’s treasures can be found in Bangkok. Visit the northern hill tribes of Chiang Mai or head south to get your beach on. Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, Phan gan & Tao, southern Thailand is absolutely stunning. If you’re after some of the world’s best beaches and otherworldly scuba diving, you’ve arrived.  

Two words… chili crab.   

Hungry? You’ve come to the right place. Succulent Singapore is more than just the world’s cleanest city, it can easily be the world’s tastiest too. Authentic eateries highlight its melting pot flavours and deliver on all fronts.


After you’ve sipped your Singapore Sling at world-famous Raffles, swam in the highest infinity pool on the planet at Marina Bay Sands and wandered the Night Zoo, indulge in the sweaty treat that’s Singapore’s sensational signature dish, the beloved chili crab.

But it’s not just Singapore’s crab that’s turning heads, the city’s Little India and Chinatown both offer a true representation of their respective cuisines and are both worthy of a visit. More of a pub food fan? Don’t worry, there’s a few of those too.

After you’ve feasted, head for the beaches. The Sentosa area offers three man-made beaches and a plethora of activities, including Universal Studios. And if you are a garden buff, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Side trip: Singapore is at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. Head north to Malaysia or south to Indonesia. Flights to Bali can be fairly inexpensive locally so if you’ve got the time, jump in!

London Town

You can spend your entire stay here without seeing any of the usual tourist attractions and still have the time of your life.


Like Paris or New York, it’s not necessarily the sightseeing that leaves its mark on you, it’s the groove of it all. It’s stumbling upon an up-and-coming neighbourhood and its latest restaurant addition. It’s fresh, splashy alley art or a new after-hours bar you’ve just been told about. It’s cutting-edge music and an even edgier fashion scene. It’s grazing your way through iconic markets and stopping for a pint when you see fit. London is a true cosmopolitan metropolis, busy with options and as diverse as diversity gets.

Of course, you can just as easily have the time of your life by making your way through the countless iconic landmarks London has to offer too. Either way, good walking shoes are a must.

Side trip: Europe is a channel away! While cheap discount carriers offer year-round great fares to many European destinations, a train may be the way to go. Eurostar has recently announced brand new service between London and Amsterdam, to add to its Paris and Brussels routes. Once on the mainland, Europe is yours!

The 6ix

It may take a hometown, multi-Grammy award-winning artist to nickname a city but Toronto has been developing its reputation as North America’s new ‘it’ spot for years.


If you haven’t been in a while, you may hardly recognize it. With a slowly revamping waterfront and kilometres of new dedicated bike lanes, Toronto is more outdoorsy than ever. But still, it’s all about its neighbourhoods. Funky Kensington Market, the charming Distillery District and of course, The Beach, eclectic neighbourhoods put the T-dot on a short-list of the world’s coolest and most livable cities.

With all the newfound international attention its celebrity residents Drake and The Weeknd have garnered, expect Toronto to just keep getting hotter and hotter.

Side trip: Did you know that New York City, Chicago and Montreal are all just an hour-long flight away? You may be in the home-stretch but there’s a whole lot going on all around you. That’s if you haven’t gone broke in London, of course.


This is your year. Take off for your trip of a lifetime with the World Wanderer and come back new and improved. Remember, round the world journeys can’t be booked online. For questions and planning, connect with us online, call us at 1866 967 5302 or visit your closest Flight Centre store today. 


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