Flight Centre First & Business – Luxury Service to Match

by Daniel Nikulin
Feet up in the ocean in the Maldives

Today, an international First Class ticket comes with a private pick-up, surely a black car, windows tinted and smelling of fine leather; the daily newspaper neatly folded and waiting on the heated back seat.

At the airport, save for the Customs & Immigration queue, you are at the front of every line, seeing every smile – even as they tag your robust collection of luggage, way over and beyond the allowable weight limit of those travelling in coach.

In the Departures Lounge, a discreet, heavy door down a barely marked corridor leads to the airline’s exclusive First Class Lounge, where you’re greeted by name and reminded you’ll be found when it’s time to board, and to make yourself at home.

You are first to board, and later, first to exit. You are no longer just a number but a number with a name, and it’s used again when you’re offered your flute of champagne before take-off.

In the air, you’re as connected as you were in the office, interrupted only by another smiling face as your Butler unravels a four-course chef prepared meal on crisp linen tablecloth. Restaurant-quality meals are accompanied by sharp wines carefully chosen to awaken deadened taste buds at 35,000 feet.

While you get ready for bed, your bed is readied for you – almost seven feet of double-bed goodness awaits and it’s lights out.

FC First & Business office

When you drop $38,000 on a one way ticket between New York and Mumbai in Etihad’s three-room masterpiece suite dubbed ‘The Residence’, you expect and deserve service to match. That service shouldn’t start with that black pick-up car but when you’re actually buying the product, and these types of fares aren’t booked quietly and alone online.

Enter Flight Centre’s First & Business – your ticket to world-class travel and service to match, and quite frankly, the only way to go.

Mark-Novak-first-and-businessThe First & Business team are an Expert division of Flight Centre, dedicated to fulfilling discounted Premium Airfares and long-haul Luxury Holidays coupled with First or Business Class airfare. It’s the most unique travel deals at the best price, accompanied by unparalleled service.

Requests are handled by a dedicated team with years of travel industry experience and a true understanding of the importance of exceptional customer care. Working closely with the world’s leading airlines and travel providers to ensure the best tailor-made experiences, no stone is left unturned. Whether it’s an important business trip, a lavish holiday or if you simply need a flight at the front of the bus, a team of attentive Travel Experts take care of all the details.

As a division of Flight Centre, the widest choice of premium airfares in Canada are available. Covering Premium Economy, Business and First Class, the world’s leading airlines are used. To match the way you fly, premium holidays and high-end hotels in some of the world’s most exclusive destinations are also available and offered.

At First & Business, sublime service begins long before your pick-up car arrives. It’s luxury travel with service to match – every time.

Welcome aboard!



Experience the lap of luxury with Flight Centre First & Business by email, by calling toll free 1 844 801 6615 or by visiting them in-store today.