Top 5 Hotel Reviews That Are Not Very Helpful

by Crissandra Ayroso
crooked hotel sign

In the evolution of consumerism, the Internet has long played a role in providing an autonomous space of free speech for the gruntled and disgruntled purchasers of goods and services alike; a soapbox for the bewitched, bothered and bewildered with something to say, demand to be heard, and require an audience of like-minded others. With the continuing popularity of online review sites and social media, the people have a voice. We compiled five of the top hotel reviews as told by the ‘loudest’ ones for you to see for yourself:

1. Cubic zirconia are a girl’s best friend

The prestigious Diamond awards this hotel received should not be named after the rare stones they’re named after, but after their gross, clouded, offensive, non-multifaceted knock-off cousins – the cubic zirconia. Review of the review: 9 out of 100 stars.

hotel reviews 5


2. Hell hath no fury

Wanna get to paradise? Start with this hotel, it’s apparently the gateway to h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Review of the review: 4 out of 100 stars.

hotel reviews 4


3. Bitter-suite review

With so much to say in a sentence that not even one comma could interrupt, this experience went from sweet to bittersweet. Review of the review: 10 out of 100 stars.

hotel reviews 3


4. The decor was dated and the ghosts were rude

It wasn’t the outdated decor that was tasteless, it was the startling photos of the women who looked like ghosts that kept this traveller up all night. Review of the review: 11 out of 100 stars.

hotel reviews 1

5. Words cannot express

This despondent traveller was at such a loss for words that emojis were the only way one could express such emotions. Thank goodness for Edison. Review of the review: 2 out of 100 stars.

hotel reviews 6

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