How to Save Money with Multi-Stop Itineraries

by Emma Hackwood
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Our world is a pretty incredible place, so why see it only one city at a time?  Multi-stop itineraries allow you to experience multiple destinations at one affordable price; making it a great way to check off a few of the places on your bucket list all on one trip! Our Airfare Experts share some of their secrets on the best routes to take, and which airlines you should consider when planning your next trip.

There are many different ways to do multi-stop itineraries, but the easiest and most popular way is to just take advantage of the route you’re already travelling to stopover somewhere. A stopover will allow you to break up your journey, beat the jet lag, but see an amazing city for 24 hours or longer!

With 2 for 1 Flights, you can add an extra flight to your existing one, making it a cost-effective way to enhance your holiday. For example, you may wish to add a San Diego stop when flying to San Francisco, or New York to Chicago.

A very popular destination for Canadian travellers is Thailand. Flying with Air Canada to Bangkok, the route can take you through one of five different Asian cities, so why not stop for a few days and break up the long trip?

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You can stop in Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai or Tokyo for little extra cost on your ticket. You could even stop in both directions if you wanted. Maybe you want to see Seoul on the way there and Hong Kong on the way back? The experience is up to you!

Cathay Pacific offers a different way to achieve your multi-city trip;  Hong Kong is their hub which allows for stopovers at no extra charge. On top of that you can take advantage of unique Cathay fares which permit side trips from Hong Kong to your dream Asian destination. So if you’re doing that trip to Bangkok, but decide you want to see more of Asia and go to Vietnam or Bali, then Cathay has great rates for these side trips. These special fares can be hundreds of dollars less than booking all those flights individually, and can’t be booked on the internet.

cathay pacific asia

This is not limited to Asia though.  You can take advantage of stopovers when travelling to every continent.  Air Canada flies to Europe, so why not stop in Frankfurt or Munich on your way to Prague?  Going to Australia?  Why not fly with Air New Zealand and stopover in Auckland for awhile and see both countries in one shot?  Going to Africa? Enjoy something off the beaten path and visit the United Arab Emirates or Qatar?  This is all possible and quite inexpensive.


Another multi stop itinerary you may want to consider is a Round the World ticket.  Your Flight Centre agent will be able to evaluate your dream destination list and determine which fare best suits your needs. ‘Official’ Round the World tickets are offered by Star Alliance, SkyTeam and OneWorld, which offer great flexibility at moderate prices. Alternatively piecing together separate point to point fares could achieve what you want for a lower cost, albeit with more restrictions.

No matter where you go and what you see, always consider Frequent Flyer points. Achieving a stopover on the way to your final destination will mean you are generally travelling quite some distance. Ensure you maximize your travel experience and start earning points towards your next journey. Aeroplan points accrual is the most popular mileage program for Canadian residents, so always consider if you can achieve points flying with Air Canada or their partner airlines. Points can add up very quickly, and before you know it your dream trip could earn your next trip for free!

All these options can be priced out for you and booked by one of our Airfare Experts at any one of our locations across the country. The vacation you’ve dreamed of can not only come true, but exceed your expectations.

Happy travels!