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Published on March 6th, 2014 | by Emma Hackwood


Our Top 5 Scuba Diving Hot Spots

We can’t help but get excited about all the amazing places to scuba dive around the world.

“I’ve only discovered 30% of the world… the rest is water.” – Scott Wilson, Descending

So we’ve put together some of the top diving destinations around the world you need to experience for yourself to believe. If you haven’t been PADI certified yet, we hope this inspires you to put it on your bucket list for 2014:




1. Australia

One of the world’s top scuba diving areas is the Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest coral reef system – and the only such structure, made up of living organisms, that is visible from space.

Queensland Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is over 2,000km and has an endless array of marine life; 6 species of turtles, dolphins, whales, porpoises, dugongs, sharks, stingray, more than 400 species of soft and hard coral and over 1,500 species of fish. We recommend: a day trip from Cairns with 2 certified dives from $196/person or the Learn to Dive trip with Contiki Holidays.


2. Egypt

The Red Sea is a divers paradise with the warmest seas and calm waters that offer unsurpassed visibility. There are more than 1,000 species of invertebrates, over 200 species of soft and hard coral and 1,100 species of fish – some which can only be found in The Red Sea. The legendary dive area of Ras Mohammed is lined with interesting shipwreck sites. We recommend: This 10-Day Learn to Dive pkg with On the Go Tours.


3. Mexico

The Yucatan’s Cenotes – world famous underwater caves – is a unique area that allows booth diving and snorkelling through the passageways with just an Open Water certification and doesn’t depend upon weather conditions so you can dive here year round.

Mike Corey, scuba diving

Not far from the Cenotes is Playa del Carmen with lots of areas to dive with tropical fish, marine turtles and rays. We recommend: 2-tank Cave dive from $136/person.

4. Mozambique

One of Africa’s last undiscovered underwater jewels; Mozambique offers pristine beaches and your chance to swim with Whale Sharks, Manta Rays (October to April) and Humpback Whales (June – October).

whale shark

The idyllic Bazaruto archipelago, off the coast of the Inhambane province, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, consisting of four main islands that make up one of the most beautiful places on the continent. he islands offer a classic tropical getaway, with superb fishing, water sports, shaded beaches, surf, and a marine park offering outstanding diving and snorkelling opportunities.


5. Thailand

With its spectacular beaches, diverse activities and world-renowned hospitality, Thailand is truly every divers paradise. For those looking to get their scuba diving feet wet for the first time, Koh Tao is your best bet. What makes Koh Tao popular amongst the scuba diving crowd, aside from the cheap price, is the great visibility almost all year round (that is, how clear the water remains as you descend), warm water temperatures, and moderate to low currents.

There are a variety of dive sites for beginners, including Chumpon Pinnacle where whale sharks have been known to roam, and great eateries and bars where you can swap stories from the day’s adventures. For more information on this, be sure to check out our blog post about Learning to Scuba Dive in Koh Tao, Thailand.


Looking to plan your next diving adventure? Contact one of our travel consultants at 1-866-502-4605 or search for your closest store online.

diving quote


Do you have an amazing scuba diving experience? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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a freelance copywriter, amateur glider pilot and full-time adventure seeker, has travelled extensively in pursuit of her lifelong dream of simply seeing it all. Up to over 50 countries, she lists American Samoa and the seldom visited Marquesas Islands as her current favourite destinations, with a wandering eye on Guam and Tonga to complete her Pacific escapades.

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  4. Mariana Sambucetti says:

    I totally agree with your destinations!! Another place i think is amazing, you should go and try the diving there. It is the best of Thailand. You wont find any other like that!

  5. Coron in the Philippines and Dahab are great diving spots too, but I gotta agree with your list. They are fine diving destinations that scuba drivers of all levels and ages should check out.

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