Star Wars Land and Avatar’s Pandora Coming Soon to Disney Theme Parks

by Alyssa Daniells
Rock from movie Avatar

Disnerd = A person, usually an adult, who is enthusiastically (or arguably, obsessively) versed in Disney films, characters and merchandise. If you fit this description, you don’t need to read the two below.

Na’vi – The blue-hued humanoid inhabitants of the moon Pandora, depicted in the blockbuster film, Avatar.

Star Wars Land– Coming soon to a galaxy near, near you.

Disnerds, rejoice!  And everyone else, for that matter.

Disney just made earth-shattering news when it announced the arrival of two big – otherworldly, in fact— theme parks.

Pandora: World of Avatar

Avatar 1

Pandora: World of Avatar will open on May 27 at the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Lucky guests at the Walt Disney World theme park will be transported to Pandora’s lush and exotic moon habitat. Only Disney magic could reproduce the visually astounding world that Oscar-winning James Cameron created in his acclaimed 2009 blockbuster, Avatar.

Pandora will feature family-friendly rides and attractions. Float through a bioluminescent rainforest in the Na’vi River Journey, where Pandora’s natural wonders will be simulated, and every sense will be stimulated. Then, soar through the air on the thrilling Avatar Flight of Passage, taking riders above the treetops of Pandora on a mythical mountain Banshee.

Like the film itself, Pandora: World of Avatar brings light to environmental topics that affect the globe today, but in a purely entertaining way. (For those kids at heart selling the trip to a less childlike loved one, the educational angle can be your go-to!)

Guardians of the Galaxy– Mission: BREAKOUT!

guardians of the galaxy disney

May 27th is also the launch date of Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: BREAKOUT! Disney California Adventure Park invites you to blast into your very own adventure, as you help Rocket the Raccoon help the other Guardians escape from the evil clutches of the Collector’s Fortress. This new, exciting ride offers multiple experiences, which means you never know which mission you’ll get!

 The Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure Theme Park continues, with special appearances by Spider-Man and Captain America. Meet them, and for a limited time, Hawkeye and Black Widow as well, armoured Avengers vehicle and all!

Star Wars Land

star wars land disneyland disney anaheim california

If you immediately skipped to this section, we aren’t offended. True Star Wars fans are focused and driven on their cause. So first, the good news! The much-anticipated theme park celebrating the world’s favourite movie franchise is a go. The bad news, you will have to do some Jedi-mind tricks if you’re impatient, as it won’t be opening until 2019.

In the meantime, you can expect that it will be awesome in galactic proportions. “Imagineer” Executive Scott Trowbridge explained that the intent behind this highly-anticipated park is to “make it feel as if you’ve just walked into one of the [Star Wars] movies.”

Disney’s mass appeal is cross-generational. Its newest offerings at Walt Disney World and Disneyland are sure to delight guests of all ages. Sounds like the definition of a perfect family vacation to us!

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