The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for 2019, Revealed!

by Alyssa Daniells

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly. Don’t know what to get her? We have a few gift ideas up our sleeve (on that note, she doesn’t want a new blouse.) Find out what moms told us they really want this Sunday!

In case you forgot that Mother’s Day is in a few days, we have good news.

Flight Centre surveyed almost 50 mothers to find out exactly what is on their wish lists.

Bottle of wine or a box of chocolates? How about a bottle of peace and quiet, and a box of sleep??!

Through rigorous, highly-scientific, data-sensitivemeticulously methodic inquiry (okay, it was a Facebook poll), Flight Centre was able to determine the gifts that moms really want 

The most-voted option won by a landslide, with more than half of our maternal respondents choosing this as their perfect gift. 

So, what can you give her that will take her from frazzled to dazzled? The best gift that will really ‘wow’ Mom is…

A holiday! That’s right, what moms want the most is a vacation. A Flight Centre travel gift card is a mother’s passport to travel wherever she wishes, applicable on flights, tours, hotels, vacation packages, excursions and more. In fact, a Flight Centre gift card covers the other coveted gifts listed– Mom can enjoy a massage on holiday, have the house cleaned while she’s away, and indulge in time away from the kids.

Simply visit our gift card page to purchase a Flight Centre travel gift card, in whatever denomination you choose, and we’ll send it directly to your inbox. Otherwise, drop by your local Flight Centre shop. This year, thank Mom for all she does and ‘wow’ her with the gift of travel.