How to Make Any Business Trip Less Boring

by Daniel Nikulin
Man on a scooter on a business trip

Dreading your next business trip? Let’s change that. Of course, work is work and fun has its time and place, but the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you’re looking to spice up your business travel, here are some tips on making the most of any work trip. 


Explore new neighbourhoods

"Time is Precious" projected on the side of a neighbourhood building

Do you have influence over where your business trips take place? If so, consider more than just the financial district or the downtown core of the city you are visiting. Plan your meetings and workshops in neighbourhoods you’d like to explore. The minute you finish your work for the day, you can take advantage of the opportunities right at your door. You’ll get a better feel for the city you are visiting, too.


Maximize your travelling time 

Business traveller working on her phone while travelling

Book business class flights and use your travel time to get some work done, whether it’s administrative work (like filing expenses) or prepping for your presentation so you can enjoy more free time in-destination.

Ask your business travel advisor how to make your trip even faster. Booking a direct flight with priority boarding and arranging your airport transportation in advance will all add valuable time to your time away. 


Stay in an interesting hotel

Woman in an infinity pool overlooking the city

Chain hotels and resorts may offer a sense of familiarity and comfort, but they often lack charm and character. In contrast, boutique accommodations breathe life into your stay away, inspire imagination and can trigger a sense of fun and adventure with their unique look and feel. 

Like chain properties, boutique and other independent hotels are reliable and professional businesses, alleviating any risk that comes with booking a private residence. Stay somewhere interesting for a fresh take on your destination.


Make every meal count

Business traveller enjoying a latte in a cafe

You could pick up your coffee from a place with golden arches, or you can try a local café. You could have your conference lunches catered with sandwiches or you can all step out for a quick lunch at that vegan bistro, that taco truck, or that Italian eatery you’ve been hearing so much about. Make your meals experiences and make them count.


Move your fitness routine outside

Woman on a run along the waterfront

As state-of-the-art as your hotel’s fitness room might be, consider taking your activities outside instead. Run a local trail, rent a stand-up paddleboard by the waterfront or a bike to get around. Get a visitor’s pass for an outside-the-box activity, like an adult jungle gym, a pool or a skating rink. Stay healthy and stay curious.


Get creative with your ice breakers

Group enjoying a flight of beer at a brewery

Infuse your itinerary with unique activities only your business trip destination can provide. Visit a museum together, take a walking tour of the city’s best breweries, visit a jazz or comedy club – the options are endless! Check with your FCBT travel advisor for more fun ideas.


Make it a bleisure trip

Couple enjoying a walk in the city

You might as well go for it! Tack a few vacation days onto your business trip and get some serious R&R. The real bleisure pros, those that combine business and leisure in a single trip, have their business travel advisors arrange a joint trip with family, friends, or a significant other. Why not? If schedules allow it, it’s a great way to save on your personal travel.


Travel shouldn’t be boring or dreadful, even when travelling for work. Give your business trips a facelift and watch the fun unfold. Hey, it’s good for business, too. 


Book the right flight, stay in the right place and make your work trips as productive and fun as possible. Flight Centre Business Travel is ready to help.