Top 5 Must-Do’s at Sandals Resorts

by Emma Hackwood
a room with a view at Sandals Negril

Dreaming of the perfect getaway? Our Flightie and Sandals Specialist Ashley Weinberger shares with us her Top 5 Must Do’s at Sandals Resorts:

I have been to numerous all-inclusive destinations and stayed at a wide range of resorts, but the one type of resort I had yet to experience (and was at the top of my list) was Sandals. I think everyone knows at least something about the Sandals brand, mostly the fact that they are absolutely awe-inspiring. Who wouldn’t want to experience that? For me it was not only about getting pampered and treated like a princess, I really wanted to see if it truly was better ‘value’ for your money. So what better way to experience this luxury then to visit Great Exuma, Nassau and Turks and Caicos all in one trip?! Here is a list of my five must sees and do’s:


1)   Experience an Ocean Front View

Sandals Royal Bahamian

I was lucky enough to have a room with an Ocean Front view and a large balcony. I can honestly say one of my favourite things was waking up in the morning and sitting out on the balcony hearing the waves crashing and smelling the warm fresh Caribbean air. It’s moments like this that you remember when you close your eyes and think back to your perfect vacation.


2)   Savour the Food!

sandals food

Let me preface this by saying that the food at Sandals was AMAZING! They had everything from Lobster Tail and Steak, to Jalapeno Poppers and pastries. On top of all that, the choices; Thai, French, I could go on forever!


3)   Wine Tasting


I learned that Sandals and Beaches serve selected Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks wines. I also learned that the wine is…well, perfect! 


4)   Upgrade to a Butler Suite

Sandals, Butler Service

Although I know it may not seem possible to upgrade to a Butler Suite, I now understand the value in doing so. I don’t think there is anything that could make a honeymoon more perfect. Everything is offered from unpacking your clothes, to private Rolls Royce airport transfers in Nassau, even a private cell phone that gets immediately directed to your Butler; just in case you are laying in bed and don’t want to walk to the buffet for breakfast. Now that would be true bliss!


5)   Pamper Yourself at the Red Lane Spa

Sandals, Red Lane Spa

I don’t even have the words to describe how beautiful the Red Lane Spa was in all three locations. Access to the Spa is included, so you can just go in and relax in the hot tub for 15 minutes, or pay for a luxurious treatment and truly be pampered, this is a definite must do!


I learned so much in my short time at Sandals and Beaches. You truly do get more value out of a Sandals Vacation, and not only that, you are treated like royalty from the moment you step off the plane. I will definitely be going back to a Sandals or Beaches resort property in the future.


Want to enjoy the luxuries of Sandals and Beaches resorts? Ashley Weinberger is an International Travel Consultant and Certified Sandals/Beaches Specialist at our Deerfoot location in Calgary, Alberta, and can be reached online or by calling 1-866-246-4930.