The 7 Perks of Booking with a Travel Advisor

by Emese Graham
woman books travel over the phone with her travel agent

Travel advisors are proud to be know-it-alls. From firsthand destination experience and unbeatable deal-finding skills to savvy tips for exclusive restaurants, trendy hotspots, and big adventures, a travel advisor does it all.

And now, in a world affected by COVID-19, using a professional to plan your travel is more important than ever. Here are just a few reasons why:

Post-Pandemic Knowledge

As the world begins to reopen for travel, it can be difficult to keep up with which areas and countries are accepting visitors, let alone the complications regarding local restrictions, travel regulations, insurance, and finding places to stay with increased safety standards. It’s enough to make you feel like staying home even after months of wanting to get out!

Instead of getting frustrated, contact a travel advisor to do the legwork for you. Industry experts can help you navigate the new rules of travelling and solve any problems you come across both before or during your vacation. When you book with the pros, you can travel with confidence.

Get Better Value

If you’ve never booked with a travel advisor before, you’re probably wondering whether their services make your trip more expensive. Let’s break it down:

A travel advisor’s service fee is small, but it adds a lot of extra value to your booking experience. For instance, Flight Centre’s Captain’s Package gets you extra cash to spend on your trip, a price drop guarantee in case your flight ends up being cheaper closer to your departure date, and waived cancellation or change fees. Booking with a travel advisor is a no-brainer.

In fact, Flight Centre’s Travel Experts have access to exclusive pricing that you can’t find online. So, you could spend countless hours looking for the best deal yourself, or you could come to an expert, get the same or better deal, and get the peace of mind knowing you have a real human being you can reach out to if you need anything while you’re travelling.

Huge Time Savers

With years of firsthand experience, travel advisors save you countless hours of planning, with expertise no search engine can give. Even more importantly, they have an in with airlines and travel providers. So if things don’t go according to plan, all you have to do is call your Flight Centre Travel Expert. We’ll save you the trouble of spending hours on hold, searching for a solution.

From rebooking during a weather-related event and battling unexpected flight cancellations to handling issues with your accommodations, your travel advisor acts as your personal travel advocate.

Always Readily Available

Travel advisors are available for you in person, by telephone, through email, and even via online chat. To say that booking with a Travel Expert is inconvenient is simply untrue!

Even once you’ve completed booking, your partnership doesn’t end there. Whether it’s a change in plans before your trip or needing something while you’re away, your travel advisor is available to assist you. Because Flight Centre has Travel Experts posted all over the globe, we can offer 24/7 Customer Care that our clients can rely on.

Well Connected

Our Travel Experts are often invited to experience resorts, tours, and cruises on familiarization (FAM) trips. You can trust that a travel advisor’s recommendation is coming from their own experiences or their colleagues’ – not just online reviews. Not to mention the perks they can offer you because of their relationships in the industry.

From rooms with the best views to construction updates and upcoming events, travel advisors have all the inside info you won’t find online. Their industry connections not only help get you the best value for your journey, they also deliver access to exclusive packages, the ability to make unique requests, and assist in special arrangements on your behalf.

It’s All About You

When you want to escape the travel routine (and the crowds), thinking outside of the search box is a must.

Masters at finding the perfect travel experience for even the most discerning traveller, travel advisors work with you one-on-one to pair you with the right destinations, properties, and one-of-a-kind experiences that make your getaway special. It’s this kind of customized approach that makes travel planning with a Travel Expert a stress-free experience.

You Still Have the Fun of Planning Your Trip

As travellers ourselves, Flight Centre’s Experts totally understand the rush that you get when you’re researching your next big getaway. When you book with a travel advisor, you don’t lose any of that fun or decision-making.

A good travel advisor will partner with you to make your trip the best it can possibly be, from start to finish. They’ll get to know your trip priorities, your travel style, and your budget to point you in the right direction. Turning a far-fetched dream into a reality is what they do for a living.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Get connected with one of our amazing Travel Experts today and see how we can help you open up the world.