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Why Choose Intrepid Travel for Your Next Small Group Adventure?

There’s something about getting out of our everyday bubble and into the thick of somewhere new. But how does someone that’s not Anthony Bourdain actually get under the skin of a destination? Where should you eat? What should you see? If only there was a local to show you around your whole trip so you don’t miss out, right? Well, you’re in luck. That’s exactly what Intrepid Travel does.

Intrepid’s local guides take their 100,000 annual travellers to the must-see sites, as well as the hidden gems of a destination.  Think of it like that – that savvy out-of-town friend that takes you to the best local haunts.  Intrepid takes you off the beaten path. We mean, truly off it – from staying in a ger in Mongolia to bonding with an Albanian over a cold raki.

Intrepid has been running small group adventures for nearly 30 years. Now with over 800 different trips across every continent, they’ve come a long way since two bearded backpackers began the company with just a typewriter and a kitchen table. To this day, grassroots experiences and a responsible mindset has remained the core of every Intrepid trip. Here’s how they do it:

Intrepid Wadi Rum

How small is small?

Some companies cap ‘small’ at 49 passengers crammed onto a coach like sardines. Not Intrepid Travel. With an average size of 10, Intrepid Travel groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a vibe (not to mention some great friendships).


Zero stress

Intrepid Travel has been honing their itineraries for over 26 years so there’s no need for you to spend hours agonising over hotel bookings, train connections and where to find the best vegan laksa when you can leave it to someone who lives and breathes your style of travel.


A little bit Goldilocks (minus the bears)

The best small group adventures are the ones that strike the perfect ‘just right’ balance between planned activities and ‘you time’. It’s your holiday, after all, and Intrepid Travel doesn’t want to cramp your style. While you do have an itinerary to stick to, there are plenty of opportunities to make your journey a little more you.


Great value

Most Intrepid itineraries come with a few more inclusions than you might expect on a typical group adventure. While other group tours might drop you off at the Great Wall or Taj Mahal and leave you to fend for yourself, Intrepid’s expert local leaders give you great value every step of the way.


Speaking of leaders…

Intrepid Travel has got some of the best in the bunch. For real. They realised pretty early on that the best folks to show you the heart of a destination are the ones that live there (funny that!). Their leaders are travel experts and locals who know their countries back to front, from every noodle joint and teahouse to gallery and martini bar. They’re the big, smiling face of Intrepid Travel.


They’ve got something for everyone

Over the years, Intrepid Travel has developed a range of trip styles to suit (just about) every traveller. On a budget? Try a Basix trip – they keep things simple to give you an amazing experience at a great price. Want a trip with equal parts included activities and free time? Intrepid’s Original trips are what they built their reputation on! And if you’re after something a little more plush, check out their Comfort trips, which feature a more relaxed pace of travel, cushy accommodation and more included activities and meals.

Intrepid Kyoto

They practice what they preach

Intrepid Travel believes the world is a pretty amazing place, and they want to do their bit to keep it that way. They believe that all it takes is a little dash of self-awareness, a slightly softer tread. Sustainable travel doesn’t mean no fun. Intrepid’s belief is that it means benefitting others, by using locally owned transport and accommodation to support local economies, using public transport and carrying reusable water bottles to encourage responsible travel, and upholding a social responsibility to all the regions they visit. Overall, to Intrepid it means Respect.


Travel is not just the places you visit

The beauty of small group travel isn’t just touching down in a new destination. It’s about gaining new perspectives, sharing stories and forging friendships. Like attracts like. Intrepid travellers come from all walks life – what unites them is where they’re going.


Inspired to see the world with Intrepid Travel? Check out their range of small group adventures here. Book by calling 1866 502 2530, enquire online or by visiting a Flight Centre store location near you.

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