Top Vacation Tips from LGBTQIA+ Travel Experts

Couple walking in New York. The Brooklyn Bridge can be seen behind them.

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Published 1 June 2021

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Emese Graham

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When LGBTQIA+ travellers need an expert's insider knowledge, they call Flight Centre! Our global travel brain of savvy and experienced consultants are here to help. We make it easy to find LGBTQIA+ friendly destinations, get answers to your questions and create a remarkable travel experience.

Take a look at some of our top tips for a relaxing and safe getaway.

Choosing a welcoming destination

Travel is never one-size-fits-all. We can help find the best destinations for you and everyone you’re travelling with to feel safe and welcome. Our consultants can help you navigate the local culture and laws that affect the LGBTQIA+ community and point you in the right direction.

Some of our favourite LGBTQIA+ inclusive destinations include:

Puerto Vallarta is a hugely popular LGBTQIA+ sun destination, and it's probably safe to say every property there will provide a safe and inclusive experience for every guest.
Marc Mulrooney, Manager, Customer Experience

Travelling with your partner

Should you reserve a room with a king bed or two queens? Is it safe to hold hands while you’re exploring the city? Will you get “the look” if you request a romantic dinner for two? Don’t fret — we’ve been there, and we’re here to help!

Our LGBTQIA+ Travel Specialists can help you travel safely and comfortably with tips for your specific itinerary wish list.

Booking hotel rooms with your polyamorous partners? Ask us to help you find hotels with:

  • Super king beds
  • Rooms with a maximum capacity of more than two adults
  • Known poly-friendly environments or events
  • Enough amenities for three or more people
Couple walking hand-in-hand at a beach resort
Couple walking hand-in-hand at a beach resort
Couple walking hand-in-hand at a beach resort

Flying with gender-affirming undergarments

Become a trusted traveller

If you’re anxious about airport screening, consider registering for TSA Pre-Check or enrolling in NEXUS so you can skip security when travelling throughout the US and Canada. For travel within the US, you can also get a TSA notification card to help speed up the security process if you’re wearing a binder or prosthetic.

Plan for a smooth security screening

If a physical search (i.e. pat-down) is required, you can ask for a private area and to have your travel companion come with you. You can always ask for a physical search to be conducted by someone of the gender of your choice or request a split-search (where one security staff member conducts part of the search and a staff member of another gender conducts the other part of the search).

You do not have to disclose that you’re transgender if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Stay safe and comfortable

Remember to follow your physician’s guidelines about safe time limits for wearing a binder, even on long-haul flights. You might want to consider planning small breaks for yourself or giving yourself extra downtime once you check into your hotel.

Flying with hormones

You’re entitled to travel with your medication, including gender-affirming hormone prescriptions. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Keep all medications in one place along with a photocopy of your prescriptions.
  • Consider packing medications in your checked luggage to avoid delays in security. If you are worried about lost baggage, you can take medications in your carry-on — as long as you're sticking to the liquid limits.
  • You can also consider bringing a sterile syringe in your carry-on and keeping the rest of your medication in your checked luggage.
Couple embracing in a park
Couple embracing in a park
Couple embracing in a park

Travelling with a passport that differs from your real name

In order to board a plane or check into a resort, you will need to make your booking using your legal name and gender marker, as shown on your passport. (We know… we're sorry.)

That being said, our consultants are happy to request that your hotel, resort or tour hosts use your chosen name throughout your stay.

You can apply for a new Canadian passport if your appearance has changed a lot since you last took your passport photo, even if you haven’t yet had your name legally changed. Get more information about this on the government of Canada’s website.

If the gender on your passport is noted as X, there could be issues entering certain countries. Make sure to let your travel agent know so that we can check specifically if your desired destination recognizes this.
Kate Neufeld, Assistant Location Manager, Burlington
A same-sex couple hiking through a valley
A same-sex couple hiking through a valley
A same-sex couple hiking through a valley

Finding community while travelling

Travel is a beautiful way to make new meaningful connections with other members of the global LGBTQIA+ community. Ask our consultants for their recommendations for:

  • Gay, lesbian or trans cruises
  • LGBTQIA+ neighbourhoods and hotels
  • International Pride events

I highly recommend travelling with Out Adventures, Atlantis Events and Olivia Travel.
Ryan Bond, Location Manager, Toronto

Planning a destination wedding

It’s no surprise that not every country is accepting of LGBTQIA+ unions, culturally or legally. Unfortunately, this means same-sex couples have more to think about when planning a destination wedding. 

Typically, your two options are a symbolic ceremony or a legal ceremony. With the right consultant to help, a symbolic ceremony can be pulled off almost anywhere (with the papers being officially signed back here in Canada), while legal ceremonies are limited to a smaller list of destinations.

Make sure your big day is beautifully executed by planning it with our dedicated group travel experts.

Flight Centre Author


Emese Graham

Content Manager


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