Icelandair fleet

The all-Boeing Icelandair fleet brings the northern wilderness to every destination it serves. Each Icelandair aircraft is named after a volcano on the island, and the impressive Hekla Aurora, depicting the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis inside and out, flies the beautiful Northern Lights around the world.

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Icelandair Economy

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Icelandair Boeing B757-200

Handling most of Icelandair's short and medium-haul routes, the B757-200 is a mid-size, narrow-body, twin-engine aircraft used for both domestic as well as inter-continental service. Icelandair currently has 25-B757-200 jets in its fleet.

Icelandair's B757-200 offers guests three classes of service, with space for 183 total passengers. The Economy Class cabin seats 120 in a 3-3 configuration, while Economy Comfort (Premium Economy) offers 41 roomier seats. Saga Class, or Business Class, accommodates 22 recliner seats in the cabin's first six rows featuring a spacious 2-2 layout. The aircraft offers in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout.

Icelandair Boeing B757-300

The longest single-aisle, twin-engine aircraft ever made, the B757-300 is really just a stretch version of the B757-200 with a similar range.

Like in the B757-200, Saga Class features 22 seats in a 2-2 design. An extra four rows make up the Economy Comfort cabin, enough for 65 total seats in a 3-3 configuration. Economy Class, also in a typical 3-3 layout, can seat up to 129 passengers for a total of 222 onboard guests. All cabins offer in-flight entertainment as well as Wi-Fi.

Icelandair Boeing B767-300ER

The two recently added B767-300s brought Icelandair its first ever wide-body aircraft, used for its furthest destinations (the 'ER' after the variant means Extended Range). Larger than the B757, the B767-300 can accommodate a total of 262 passengers.

All three classes of service are present on the B767, with 25 seats in Saga Class, 18 in Economy Comfort and 216 in Economy Class. Saga Class is designed in a 2-1-2 layout for more space while the remaining cabins both offer a 2-3-2 configuration. All cabins offer in-flight entertainment as well as Wi-Fi.

Icelandair Boeing B737 MAX

Currently on order from Boeing, the B737 MAX (MAX 8 and MAX 9) is scheduled for delivery beginning in 2018. The new advanced aircraft will be the successor to the popular B737 Next Generation series of jets, designed for maximum fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

Using Icelandair's configuration, the MAX 8 variant will accommodate 160 total passengers, while the larger MAX 9 will be able to carry 178 guests, both offering all three classes of service. The B737 MAX promises many of the same in-flight features currently found throughout the carrier's fleet, including personal seat-back entertainment and gate-to-gate Wi-Fi connectivity.