An Open Letter to Travel

by Emese Graham

It’s true what they say: absence really does make the heart grow fonderAfter the last six months we’ve all had, we can’t help but feel excited about reuniting with Travel.  

So, if you’re ready to open up the world, we are too.  

We’re ready to turn dreaming into planning.  

We’re ready to show you how the world of travel has changed for the better.  

We’re ready to show you how we’ve changed for the better, with more flexible travel services and a renewed commitment to our customers 

Yes, we’ve missed travel more than we care to admit and – beyond that – we’ve missed the chance to experience new things, new places, new foods and, well, new anything with the people we love. So, let’s make up for lost time. We’ll have our teary-eyed airport reunion soon enough. 

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