The 4 Types of Business Travellers

by Emese Graham
business travellers wait for a flight at an airport

You and your colleagues might be going on the same business trip, but that doesn’t mean you’re the same type of business traveller!

At Flight Centre Business Travel, we have the pleasure of getting to know all sorts of people in our line of work, and we’ve noticed there are 4 main types of business travellers, each with their own priorities, interests, and travel needs.

So, what type of business traveller are you?

The Crammer

a business traveller working on a plane

For the crammer, time is of the essence! Every decision this traveller makes is about designing a business trip as efficiently as possible.

If you’re a Crammer, you usually go for the business lounge (so you can get some work done at the airport) and first or business class seats (so you can get more work done on the plane).

Crammers only pack a carry-on so they don’t waste a single minute waiting for checked luggage at the baggage carousel. They also have their travel managers organize their transportation and express check-ins well in advance. Always.

Since Crammers typically plan long, busy workdays, they look for a quiet, comfortable place to crash for the night. Hotel accommodations with black-out curtains and a pillow menu are a must.

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The Super Saver

a business traveller waiting for a flight at the airport

The Super Saver’s wallet is brimming with points cards. They’re obsessed with scoring perks and upgrades with their preferred airlines and hotels, and they choose their travel managers based on the best deals and price transparency.

If you’re a Super Saver, you don’t mind taking the scenic route if it means saving your business some extra cash. You book hotels within walking distance of your meetings so you can save on taxi fares. You have a lot of practice packing healthy snacks for the plane, and you can usually make do with a premium economy seat over business class.

Super Savers have the most immaculate receipt-keeping system most people have ever laid eyes on. As far as they’re concerned, a penny saved on their business trip is a penny earned!

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The Bleisure Buff

a business traveller explores a busy city

Business or leisure? The Bleisure Buff never chooses. Masters of work-life balance, they work hard, and yes, play hard, too.

If you’re a Bleisure Buff, you don’t pack a briefcase, you pack a suitcase. You always extend your business trips so you can see more of new cities. You tend to skip the catered meals and book meetings over dinner or cocktails in cool neighbourhoods instead.

Bleisure Buffs make friends everywhere they go so they can get the local perspective on what to do in their downtime. They often combine business trips with getaways with their partners, family, and friends.

Given the option, Bleisure Buffs prefer booking multi-stop flight itineraries with their travel managers so they can squeak in some exploration during a layover – no matter how short!

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The Regular

a business traveller takes a phone call on a couch

The Regular has a routine and sticks to it. They don’t even bother to unpack – they wear the same pre-planned outfits for every trip and get them dry cleaned at the hotel.

If you’re a Regular, you’re ready to hop on a business trip at a moment’s notice. Last-minute travel changes never phase you. Your travel manager already knows your airplane seat preference, your dietary special requests, and your expense-tracking system by heart.

It seems no matter where Regulars travel to, they can walk into a coffee shop and order “the usual”.  Since they’re always on the go, they always opt in for travel insurance and just-in-case benefits. Odds are, they’ll have to use them one day.

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No matter what type of business traveller you are, Flight Centre Business Travel offers personalized service to meet your needs.

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