Top Work-from-Home Tips from Your Travel Managers

by Emese Graham
a small business owner works from home in her dining room

Even though our doors are closed, our business travel managers are still here for you! We might be in our living rooms, our kitchens, our patios, and our home offices, but we’re working hard to make sure that small to medium businesses like yours can expect the same great service.

We asked our team to share a behind the scenes look at how they’ve perfected their new home routines to serve you better.

If you need a hand making working-from-home work for you, give some of our top tips a try.

How to Work from Home like a Travel Manager

1. “Make your home office as similar to your work one as possible, in terms of hardware. Use a real computer mouse and keyboard (not the surface one.) A little bit harder, but again great if possible, have two screens, just as you would in the office.”

2. “Make sure you still take breaks to move around and do not forget to let the other staff know when you step away for when the phone rings. We use a group Skype chat every single day.”

3. “Avoid the radio and news stations, so you are not inundated with negative COVID-19 news every 15 minutes. I found this really helps me stay motivated!”

4. “The most important part of working from home is maintaining a routine. Every morning I wake up a few hours before work to ensure that I have plenty of time to get cleaned up, workout and eat a healthy breakfast.”TEXT

5. “Make sure your whole team is on the same page about remote meeting etiquette.”

6. “Avoid turning the TV on at all costs!”

7. “I have a home office, which allows me to separate my work life from my home life. From time to time, I do move down to my kitchen table just to change the view. It helps to break up the workweek.”

8. “To keep myself productive and best able to help clients, I have my home office in our spare room, with a desk, a second monitor, a paper tray with my notebook, pens, wireless mouse and keyboard.”

9. “I highly recommend getting dressed for work as if you were still going into the office.”

10. “I use a headset to make phone calls.  It’s a relief when you have a long hold, as you can still go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea!  Having this setup feels more like an office and keeps me on a good working routine.”

11. “To keep it fun, on top of my desk, I have my Minnie Mouse ears from Tokyo.  I like to remind myself of how fun travel can be!”


We want to give a special thanks to three of our business travel managers for their excellent insights: David Collins of FCBT Westboro, Jody Benson of FCBT Jericho, and Andrea Lacroix Dennehy of FCBT Queen West.

Because you and your business deserve better.

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