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Travelling the world needn't cost the earth.

While flying emits greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, you now have the option of travelling 'carbon neutral' by choosing to offset your share through a small contribution.

How does it work?

Essentially, when you buy a carbon offset, proceeds from your contribution are invested into renewable energy projects which help reduce the impact of carbon emissions on the environment.

How can I carbon offset my flights?

Flight Centre has teamed up with Cleaner Climate to allow all travellers to offset their carbon dioxide emissions from air travel. We can help you calculate your emissions and find out how much it will cost to offset them. Then, should you choose to offset, you can make an offset payment which will help fund Cleaner Climate's renewable energy project.

What is the Offset Project?

Cleaner Climate's wind farm is located in the village of in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka S tate in I ndia. T he project harnesses wind energy to generate and supply electricity to the southern regional electricity grid of India and is supported by the World Institute of Sustainable Energy (WISE) totalling a capacity of 1.2MW.

Besides providing a source of renewable energy for the grid, the wind farm helps limit other sources of pollution attributed to biomass burning such as smog and acid rain.

Renewable energy in India is absolutely critical as it is in the top 3 most polluted countries in the world.

How do I know my money has gone to offsetting?

Once you make your payment, you will receive an offset certificate from Cleaner Climate verifying your carbon offset. An independent auditor validates that the offsets paid to Cleaner Climate are in fact offset through the project.

Offsetting your flights is one small step you can make to reduce your carbon emissions - and help our environment. Find out more about carbon offsetting.