Flights Guide

Take on Flight

1. A neck pillow Sleeping almost upright isn't easy, but a neck pillow can make it a lot more comfortable.

2. Noise-cancelling headphones Noise-cancelling headphones reduce ambient sounds allowing you to enjoy music and movies in peace.

3. A good book or magazine It's amazing how the hours can fly by!

4. Flight socks These can help prevent DVT and keep your feet nice and warm.

5. Moisturizer and lip balm Your skin can get very dehydrated during a flight. Just make sure to check with your airline on what liquids and gels can be taken onto your flight.

6. Phrase book Use your time productively by learning some useful phrases if travelling to a non English speaking part of the world.

7. A toothbrush Just cleaning your teeth mid-flight can make you feel immediately refreshed.

8. Cards and games Play by yourself or with a friend to make time tick away.

9. A change of clothes Get more comfortable or just freshen up with a change of clothes.

10. MP3 player What better way to kill time than to listen to your own music or podcasts.