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Flights to Australia

We're not just Airfare Experts, but Australia experts, too, and the only stop you need for discount flights to Australia. We'll take you under our wing and book that cheap Australia flight, as well as help create your personalized itinerary, book tours, get you insider deals and more. Check out our current deals, or say 'G'Day!' a Flight Centre travel consultant.

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We specialize in flights to Sydney Australia, as well as finding low airfares to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and beyond. Let us help you make the most of the flight time to Australia, with a multi-city flight to see the splendours of the South Pacific islands, or the natural wonders of New Zealand. With these cheap flights to Australia, you can afford to see more places Down Under. Read more about Australia

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Vancouver to Brisbane Depart: January 18, 2022
Return: January 24, 2022
$1644 base + $304 taxes/fees
Vancouver to Melbourne Depart: January 21, 2022
Return: January 29, 2022
$1787 base + $286 taxes/fees
Toronto to Sydney Depart: January 17, 2022
Return: January 27, 2022
$1943 base + $322 taxes/fees
Toronto to Melbourne Depart: January 12, 2022
Return: January 20, 2022
$2060 base + $265 taxes/fees
Calgary to Melbourne Depart: May 9, 2021
Return: May 22, 2021
$2485 base + $335 taxes/fees
Toronto to Brisbane Depart: January 7, 2022
Return: January 16, 2022
$2760 base + $251 taxes/fees
Vancouver to Sydney Depart: December 19, 2021
Return: January 2, 2022
$3921 base + $299 taxes/fees
Ottawa to Sydney Depart: December 18, 2021
Return: December 25, 2021
$4176 base + $304 taxes/fees
Calgary to Sydney Depart: December 23, 2021
Return: January 4, 2022
$4252 base + $303 taxes/fees
Kelowna to Sydney Depart: December 19, 2021
Return: December 31, 2021
$5414 base + $273 taxes/fees
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Halifax to Sydney Depart: December 12, 2021
Return: December 19, 2021
$5850 base + $527 taxes/fees
Edmonton to Sydney Depart: January 3, 2022
Return: January 12, 2022
$6229 base + $275 taxes/fees
Winnipeg to Sydney Depart: November 1, 2021
Return: November 15, 2021
$6156 base + $410 taxes/fees
Saskatoon to Sydney Depart: December 12, 2021
Return: December 20, 2021
$7259 base + $341 taxes/fees
Vancouver to Melbourne Depart: December 1, 2021
Return: December 10, 2021
$7401 base + $286 taxes/fees
Calgary to Melbourne Depart: November 26, 2021
Return: December 10, 2021
$9258 base + $305 taxes/fees
Calgary to Brisbane Depart: November 19, 2021
Return: December 1, 2021
$9829 base + $375 taxes/fees

Top things to do in Australia

Experience the scuba of a lifetime in the wondrous Great Barrier Reef, or surf the famous waves of the Gold Coast. See the stunning splendour of the Whitsunday Islands or say G'day to the cuddly koalas of the Sunshine Coast. Take in iconic Sydney Opera House from a different angle, atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Let cultural Melbourne give you a flavour of the East coast, or charming Perth introduce you to the West. Reigning supreme in between, Adelaide's renowned wine country awaits. On flights to Australia, the beautiful Cook Islands make an excellent stopover, as do other South Pacific gems. Ask your Flight Centre consultant to create a multi-city itinerary to make the most of your dream vacation.

  1. Sydney Opera House -This noteworthy shell-like structure is the Southern Hemisphere's most photographed tourist destination, and a Sydney must-see for those of you who book flights to Sydney Australia.
  2. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - Scale this iconic landmark, taking in spectacular views of the city and sparkling waves. Beware the box jellyfish in the ocean and the jelly legs on this bridge walk!
  3. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk - Offering one of the most scenic hikes in the country, varying physical levels can enjoy a stroll, roll or run along this epic coastal walk, that encompases glorious ocean views and famous and hidden beaches.
  4. Dive theGreat Barrier Reef - UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for being the world's biggest coral reef ecosystem, and a scuba and snorkelling fantasy. Sadly, the sooner you see this natural wonder, the better; bleaching due to greenhouse gases is a growing concern.
  5. Drive the Great Ocean Road - A stunning coastal route, part of the highway connecting Melbourne to Adelaide. Be sure to visit the famous 12 Apostles along the way, prehistoric rock stacks jutting out of the Southern Ocean. (Don't doubt your counting abilities when you arrive, there are now only nine, subject to further erosion.)
  6. Meet a Great White Shark - (We went with the 'great' theme happening!) Encounter these these infamous predators face-to-face, in the safety of a cage but the thrill of open water. Personally, we prefer swimming alongside whale sharks, the largest fish in the world, in Western Australia. Its largest coral reef, Ningaloo, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is easily accessible from Exmouth, about 1200 km north of Perth.
  7. Uluru - A symbol of Australia, this monolithic land formation, revered by the native Aborigine people, is located in the heart of the country and will capture your heart, too.
  8. Melbourne - Australia's cultural epicentre. You'll be blown away by the incredible flat white coffees they serve in cool cafes and some of the Southern Hemisphere's best restaurants.,
  9. Fraser Island - the world's largest sand island is home to a dazzling array of earthly and aquatic treasures, like the naturally-effervescent Champagne Pools, pristine Lake McKenzie and the Cathedrals' colourful sand towers. Camping or 'glamping' options available.
  10. Whitsunday Islands - Sail to and around gorgeous archipelago, boasting stretches of coral teeming with sealife, powdery white beaches, uninhabited islands and world-class resorts.