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Toronto to Portugal Flight Deals

Flying from Vancouver to Portugal. What you need to know.

Across seven hills, countless coves with hidden beaches, and numerous buildings that date back to the 16th century, here's much to explore and experience in Portugal. Discover this part of the Iberian Peninsula with our cheap flights to Portugal from Vancouver.

How long is the flight to Portugal from Vancouver?

Vancouver to Portugal flight times will vary based on where the connection takes place. Here are the average flight times for Portugal's busiest international airports:

Flying to Lisbon
Vancouver to Toronto, 4 hrs 14 mins
Toronto to Lisbon, 7 hrs

Flying to Faro
Vancouver to Munich, 10 hrs 15 mins
Munich to Faro, 3 hrs 10 mins

Flying to Porto
Vancouver to Frankfurt, 9 hrs 45 mins
Frankfurt to Porto, 2 hrs 40 mins

Flying to Madeira
Vancouver to London, 9 hrs 20 mins
London to Madeira, 4 hrs 5 mins

What services are offered on the flight?

In economy, the following services are generally available on flights from Vancouver to Portugal. Ask your agent for more details on services included in other classes of service like business and first.

  • Meals, snacks, and beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic)
  • Free movies and TV
  • Complimentary magazines and newspapers/reading material

What aircrafts fly this route?

For many transatlantic flights, medium and long range aircraft are most common in the air. The Airbus A319, A320, and A330, as well as the Boeing 777 and 787 fly this route most frequently.

How often are there flights from Vancouver to Portugal?

There are daily connecting flight options from Vancouver to Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Faro, Porto, and Madeira. While direct flights are not frequent in service year-round, connecting flights through hub cities in Europe like London, Munich, and Frankfurt are used to transit through for more frequent daily and weekly options throughout the entire year.

How many passenger seats are available?

There are hundreds of seats available daily on flights to Portugal from Vancouver with connections to Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Faro, Porto, and Madeira.

What airlines fly this route?

There are a number of airlines that fly from Vancouver to Portugal with connecting flights all throughout Europe's major hub cities, like London, Munich and Frankfurt.

How often are flights cancelled/diverted?

Flights are more likely to be rescheduled than cancelled. In the event that a flight is cancelled or diverted, airlines allow travellers to choose how to proceed accordingly to the airline's cancellation rules. Our travel agents notify all travellers of cancellations and schedule changes as soon as airlines send them out. Book your next flight with one of our agents!

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