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Toronto to Trinidad Flight Deals

Trinidad is the larger and more populous island of Trinidad and Tobago. To get to either island, flights leave from Toronto to Trinidad. We'll find you cheap airfares any time of year for a sunny escape or dose of Caribbean culture.

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More about Trinidad

The name Trinidad conjures images of soothing steel drum sounds, friendly people and tropical beaches, while the term diversity sums it up. Its Creole culture, descendants of mixed European and African heritage, a large East Indian population and Chinese heritage, among other influences, Trinidad is ethnically diverse, resulting in its nickname "rainbow island." This results in an exciting mix of music styles (including parang, imported from nearby Venezuela) celebrations (from Easter, to Diwali to colourful Carnival) and flavours that create Trinidad's unique and delicious cuisine. The scenic island is also home to diverse flora and fauna.

The best times to visit Trinidad and Tobago are January to May, when blue skies abound. The rainy season is from June to December, although the islands are not hurricane-prone, like elsewhere in the Caribbean. Trinidad Carnival, held between late February and early March, is a huge local and tourist draw, a vibrant display of spectacular costumes and welcoming all to its exuberant parties.

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