Azores Airlines fleet

Azores Airlines takes to the skies with a humble fleet of seven Airbus aircraft, handling all 20 of their domestic and international routes. In addition to the equipment listed below, further smaller aircraft are operated by parent company SATA Air Acores. Get to know your aircraft to the Azores and beyond!

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Azores Airlines Economy

  • Departs October 16, 2024

Airbus A310-300

Azores Airlines currently operates three Airbus A310-300 planes, soon to be replaced with the newer, more fuel efficient Airbus A321LR (Long Range), expected between 2019 and 2021. The new model will better handle the carrier's trans-Atlantic and longer international routes. (Until the delivery of the A321LR, the airline is also leasing two A321neo jets.)

The wide-body A310-300 comes in a two-class configuration, with 18 Business Class seats and 204 Economy Class seats, to accommodate a total of 222 passengers. The Business Class cabin is laid out in a comfortable 2-2-2 design, while the Economy Class cabin is comprised of 2-4-2 seating. Entertainment is in the form of shared TV screens throughout the cabin.

Note: The last six rows of the aircraft slim down to a 2-3-2 layout until the last 2 rows, which eliminate the window and beside seats completely, leaving just the three middle seats.

Airbus A320-200

Offered on most short and medium-haul routes, Azores Airlines' three Airbus A320-200 jets get plenty of run. If you are flying between the islands of the Azores, chances are you'll be on a narrow-body A320, of which there are three different seating options. All aircraft only offer shared entertainment.

The first design allows for 12 Business Class seats in 3 rows, spaced 2-3 (the very first row has only 2 seats), and 149 Economy Class seats, occupying 25 rows in a 3-3 layout. There is a total of 161 passenger seats onboard.

The second configuration with 159 total seats, makes room for more Business Class passengers, offering 22 seats in the first 5 rows. Again, the very first row has only 2 seats while rest of the cabin is configured as 2-3. The remainder of the plane is reserved for Economy Class passengers in 137 seats in a 3-3 layout.

The airline's remaining A320 is an all Economy Class design with 165 seats in 28 rows, in a typical 3-3 layout.

Note: seats don't fully recline in the last row of the aircraft in all configurations.

Airbus A330-200

Currently, just a single Airbus A320-200 is owned by Azores Airlines, handling most flights between Toronto and Lisbon. This is currently the carrier's largest aircraft. Please note that entertainment is shared in both classes of service.

The wide-body A330-200 offers four rows of Business Class seating, laid out in a 2-2-2 format, with seats that fully recline into a lie-flat bed - perfect for the overnight flights it is used for. The remaining 35 rows belong to Economy Class passengers, with seats configured 2-4-2.

There are two bulkhead rows in the Economy Class cabin, ideal for those travelling with infants (rows 5 and 25), and like with airline's other equipment, seats in the last row of the aircraft may not fully recline. Rows 35 - 37 slim down with the contours of the plane to offer 2-3-2 seating and rows 38 and 39 offer just the 3 middle seats.