Azores Airlines seating options

Getting the right seat onboard can make all the difference, especially on a trans-Atlantic, overnight flight. Azores Airlines wants you to be comfortable, offering advance Seat Selection for both their standard seating, as well as for roomier, premium seats, for a nominal fee.

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Azores Airlines Economy

  • Departs October 11, 2024
  • Departs September 15, 2024

Available to ticketed Azores Airlines passengers from the time of booking and up to 48-hours prior to departure, advance seat selection is available to travellers in all classes of service. To select a standard Economy or Business Class seat, the service is free. To select a premium seat (or Comfort Seat) on any leg of your journey, the following tariffs will be collected by Azores Airlines.

Azores Airlines Economy Class Seat Selection

On international (trans-continental) flights, general advance seat selection, or pre-seating, in any standard Economy Class (Discount, Smart or Value fare type) seat can be arranged, free of charge. Those wishing to upgrade their experience to a more spacious seat, including bulkhead seating (first row in any cabin) and exit-row seats, the fee is $65CAD, per direction.

On flights between Portugal and the Azores Islands, standard Economy Class seat selection is also free, with Comfort seating at a cost of 15EUR, per direction.

Note: Anyone travelling with a pet in cabin must occupy a window seat, and for security reasons, cannot occupy an Emergency Exit row.

Azores Airlines Business Class Seat Selection

If you are flying in Executive, or Business Class, your advance seat selection is complimentary, based on a first come - first served basis. This applies to all flights, domestic/inter-island, within Europe as well as intercontinental.