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Published on February 1st, 2017 | by Crissandra Ayroso


Destinations for Love – A Couples Guide

From the City of Light to the City of Stars, we list the 15 most romantic destinations in the world for couples. Where in the world will you two run off to next? 


1. Paris

Godard’s cinematic masterpieces, Apollinaire’s heart-wrenching poetry, the unmistakable smoulder of French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot. We love the sultry and romantic depth of Parisian culture. See what illuminates the City of Light and has inspired Parisians for centuries with the light of your life.

couple sitting by the river in paris

Watch the city bask in moonlight together from a boat on the Seine as dusk sweeps across the city. Witness it in their eyes as they light up at the opera in the Theatre de la Ville. Hear it in a fit of laughter with some red wine in hand under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. This devastatingly romantic city that will leave you beaming.


2. London

Modern artists and songwriters have been singing about love since the beginning of time. London has always been a source of inspiration for love – true, forlorn, and unrequited. Experience the art, culture, and architecture that inspired some of the best (and maybe gloomiest) songwriters like David Bowie, John Lennon, Morrissey, Adele.

buskers in the london underground

Have your date night in London’s West End and buy tickets to some of the best theatre shows in the world. Spend a day as tourists on a double-decker bus city tour and spot as many landmarks as you can, including John and Yoko’s first home. Have dinner and a pint by the Thames and admire the way the London Bridge refracts against the choppy water. See what inspires love and music with the one you love in London.


3. Italy

If you were already smitten with the one you love, Italy will show you that your love has just begun. In Italy, passion burns bright. Fan the flames in Rome. Hold hands under Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, fall in love (again) by Trevi Fountain, and if you can keep your eyes off each other for a moment, admire galleries of Rome’s art culture and history – masterpieces from the Romantic period to the street art period (current and outdoors, free).

italian pizza in Rome Italy

Italy’s red wine and fresh handmade pizza and pasta is our favourite way to experience Italy – indulging in it with the person you love sitting across from you. From St Mark’s Square in Venice to the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, there is not a sight in Italy you’re going to want to see without the love of your life by your side.


4. Hawaii

On the Hawaiian Islands once ruled by kings, queens, gods, and goddesses, the romantic lore of myth and legend is as explosive as the volcanoes that created the islands. We are in love with Hawaii’s passionate, fiery folktales of all of nature’s living things. Spot dove-white naupaka flowers along the beach and in the mountains. Easy to identify, these flowers look like two halves of one flower split apart. Hawaiian legend has it that Princess Naupaka’s forbidden love for a man outside of the royal blood line forced the two to stay apart part forever, Naupaka in the mountains and Kaui along the ocean. As they parted for the last time, Naupaka, weeping, took the flower from her hair, tore it in half and handed it to Kaui. From her tears, naupaka flowers grew all over the islands and to this day you can see them everywhere.

mountains and ocean in hawaii

Pick a handful of naupaka flowers for the one you love in Hawaii and collect them all over the islands, while you’re counting waterfalls on a road trip along the Hana in Maui, or before you hang ten on the North Shore or Waikiki Beach in Oahu. Hawaii will be a chapter in your love story you’ll remember forever.


5. Bali

There are some parts of Bali that are so dreamy you may have already imagined the smiling face of the one you love there dreaming it with you. In Bali, between Bedugal and Kintamani along the roadside, you’ll see fields of marigolds that extend beyond the eye can see.

field of marigold flowers

It’s a sight so special, you’ll need a Polaroid or a photo of you and your love in front of it, standing in the sea of tangerine blooms, taking a stroll in, and sharing a kiss by. Take photos of the different sites and temples in Ubud, discover the sacred culture in Bali, and end the day with a romantic dinner on the beach. For a more upbeat atmosphere, Kuta is a fun stop to dance the night away and stay up late enough to watch the sunrise together.


6. Australia

Just because Flight Centre happens to be an Australian-owned company, that doesn’t mean that’s how it made its way on this very official list of romantic destinations for couples. If you and your partner love anything adventure, beaches, nature, wildlife, or food and wine-related, you’ll discover that the Land Down Under will turn your worlds upside down.

heart shaped coral reef in the whitsundays australia

We couldn’t imagine anywhere more picturesque than the infinite clear turquoise ocean surrounding the Whitsundays. This group of islands is in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef and one of the best dive sites in the world. For more of an urban adventure, head to cosmopolitan Sydney for date night across the Sydney Harbour with a glass of the local red or white, or take your romance to new heights and try to spot of all Sydney’s best landmarks from the top of the Skywalk. For more ideas you’ll love, ask our Australia Experts!


7. Quebec

La Belle Province is our favourite Canadian destination for romance. The oldest province in Canada, Quebec is also one of the most unique. This year, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, while Montreal celebrates its 375th. For a weekend, you and your amour can escape on a getaway that will make you feel like you’ve travelled across the Atlantic and back in time to the 17th century when Louis XIV, the king of France, was referring to Montreal as New France.

st lawrence river at d\usk in quebec

Were you ever curious to see who was the better curler in your relationship? Check out Curling En Lumiere, taking place in Montreal from Feb. 23-Mar. 11, a free event that will have you competing with a toss of the rocks (I think that’s a sports term) in front of an exciting backdrop of lights, sound, and humourous play-by-play commentary. If you said ‘no’ for some reason, or maybe just a soft yes for now, well there are plenty of other events happening in Montreal all year long, like public art festivals, campfire sing-a-longs, outdoor exhibitions, and more.


8. New York City

Share a bite of New York’s finest slice with your finest slice. Hold hands on the L train to Brooklyn. See who screams the loudest down the Cyclone on Coney Island. You may be surprised that some of New York City’s most romantic spots aren’t always the most obvious ones, yet stumbled upon the most often.

brooklyn bridge at night

No matter the setting, love is everywhere here – whether screaming down the Cyclone, gazing from atop the Empire State Building, strolling down the High Line, rowing a boat in Bow Bridge reciting limericks in Central Park. This city is for lovers in love and lovers in lost. Every sweet moment discovered here will make you feel like you’re being surprised with flowers.


9. Mexico

Exciting escapes to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and the Riviera Maya are the easiest and quickest romantic getaways to pack for in a heartbeat or last moment’s notice. All inclusive packages take care of all the work for you – your flights, hotels, transfers, food, drinks, entertainment – all you and your sweetheart have to do is pack your passports and show up.

beaches in puerto vallarta mexico

For a lively party scene with exciting nightlife, take your date for a night out on the town in downtown Cancun, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. If you prefer the Pacific side, stay in Puerto Vallarta. You can choose to stay in a relaxing all inclusive, or add in a few extra nights for an extra surf adventure in Sayulita, a lesser known beach town about an hour’s drive south of Puerto Vallarta. The Riviera Maya and Tulum on the Caribbean side are bigger, wider beaches and a little more private.


10. Caribbean

Slow down in the Caribbean. Time stands still in Jamaica and the Dominican, take this opportunity to enjoy and admire the one you love. Wash away the stress of everyday life and indulge in island life together.

couple sitting on the beach in the caribbean

All inclusive packages can be organized on a whim for a quick romantic getaway. Spend more time searching for the best spot on one of the best beaches in the world in Negril, or one of the most popular and romantic beaches in Punta Cana. You and your bronze god or goddess will have all the sun, surf, and sand you could ask for.


11. Las Vegas

The Little White Wedding Chapel. The intoxicating flash of neon lights and feathered showgirls. The unspoken agreement that anything goes in Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, etc. Romance should always be an unpredictable adventure. It doesn’t get any more unpredictable than Sin City.

motel and wedding chapel in las vegas

While we’ll leave you two to decide how far you want to go with your adventure, we have only a few suggestions that legally, we’re allowed to propose. Renew your vows, or express them for the first time in a drive-thru wedding chapel (note from legal: we do not suggest exchanging impromptu marital vows in a drive-thru), go out on an ultimate date night to one of the world-class shows in residence, or sneak in for added excitement (note from legal: we do not suggest trespassing private property), test out your Lady or Lord Luck at the tables and win big, or (note from legal: last suggestion redacted). Take your partner in crime on the most romantic adventure with surprises and turns around every corner. You’ll never forget it – for better, or worse.


12. Spain

Glasses of red wine, tables of fresh food, delicious tapas. Spain sets the table for love. While the story on food and wine are one of my most cherished tales (maybe it’s more of a menu), some of the most romantic moments can be found on a patio at a café in the warmth of a summer night by the sea with one of your favourite people in front of you.

couple in Girona Spain

Summer love is year-round in Barcelona. There’s no city like it in the world and what better thing to share that with a person who embodies the same quality. Architect Antoni Gaudi’s imagination will engulf you in the Gothic Quarter. La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, and Parc Guell are living masterpieces that you can walk through, touch, and stand in awe of. Needless to say, these are all worth purchasing entrance admission for in advance. For buzzing all-night adventures, Ibiza is a massive nonstop party on the weekends that draw the best DJs from around the world to its crystal coasts and soft sandy beaches. Find a private retreat for the two of you on the north coast of the island, the quieter side, away from all of the action and discuss a plan on how to run away together and live in Spain forever.


13. Miami

Passion and romance is always in the air in Miami. When the sun goes down, the night clubs turn up. Take your favourite dance partner down and salsa in time with Cuban rhythms, feed each other mojitos, and let the sweat drip off you in the tropical heat of Miami.

ocean drive art deco buildings in miami beach

If there’s time post-recovery, we suggest not missing out on Miami’s Art Deco district, taking a time out to soak in the Latin-inspired culture, and South Beach’s….beaches….and fresh seafood.


14. Los Angeles

After the release of La La Land, it’s easy to see through a lens the scope of what makes the City of Stars so dreamy, surreal, and romantic. It’s the kind of town that cross-inspires within itself, back and forth between city and cinema, and that’s what we love about it.

the griffith observatory at night in los angeles

Hollywood gave us the greatest love stories ever told, affairs to remember, and left us sleepless in Seattle. Some of our own romantic legacies may have been inspired by the silver screen. Write a scene in the ever-unfolding love story with your leading lady or gent. Watch the sun rise from the top of the hills in the Griffith Observatory, walk down the pier and promenade in Santa Monica, or sit down for a vodka martini at a jazz bar in downtown LA. This trip will leave you wanting more.


15. Costa Rica

As one of the most diverse and natural beach destinations gaining popularity for its eco-friendly green initiatives, Costa Rica is a romantic beach escape and adventure for two. Find yourself spotting sloths, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, toucans, and other little creatures just hanging out in their lush rainforest habitats in Arenal and then have a soak in the hot springs with your sweetheart.

couple in an outdoor pool in costa rica

Take your relationship to new heights in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and stand across your angel in what will look like heaven. Costa Rica’s beaches are as diverse and plentiful as its flora and fauna, from the quiet secluded beaches in Samara to the all inclusive package deals in Tamarindo to the all-night party surf town in Santa Teresa. This will be one of the most romantic, fun, and relaxing trips you two will experience.



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