3 Sunny Destinations Canadians Keep Forgetting About

by Crissandra Ayroso
sun setting behind a horizon of hilltops

You could do Mexico and the Caribbean, again. But what about Costa Rica? Or, Zanzibar!? Your vacation shouldn’t feel like déjà vu. Break your travel routine with Tailor-Made Holidays to these sunny destinations.


aerial photo of mountain coastline and beaches in kauai

If you’ve been to Oahu and Maui are looking to change things up, you just may fall for Kauai’s dramatic Na Pali coastline, wild thundering waterfalls, and lush, green, tropical rainforests. The fourth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai, also known as the Garden Isle, has famously starred in films like 1993’s Jurassic Park and 1981’s Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Don’t expect the same crowds in Kauai as Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. Although less than a one-hour flight from Honolulu, Kauai maintains its small, sleepy beach town charm. Kauai’s Tunnels Beach is a crescent-shaped golden bay perfect for diving, snorkelling, and surfing. Poipu Beach is one of the island’s most visited stretches of sand, slightly smaller than Tunnels. Like many of the Hawaiian Islands, the mild tropical climate year-round means there’s never a bad time to visit Kauai. 

Like our Tailor-Made Holidays, our Better Beach holidays to Hawaii are one-of-a-kind and customized to you. Our Expert Travellers can plan the perfect Better Beach holiday tailored to your preferences. Stay in Kauai only, or extend your stay in Oahu and Maui. It’s totally up to you where you wish to hang ten and take five.


an old building in stone town, zanzibar

With tangerine sunsets, cotton candy blue water, and tropical weather year-round ranging from 29C to 33C, Zanzibar can shake the winter greys out of anyone. Also known as the Spice Islands, Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania. Zanzibar, or Unguja in Swahili, is one of the two main islands with the two most visited beaches, Nungwi and Kendwa. Restaurants, bars, and a variety of accommodations fringe the beachfront which buzzes with backpackers and beachgoers alike. Venture a little further northeast away from the crowds and find yourself in Kiwenga, a wider, more secluded beach. 

Continue southeast to Bwejuu, Dongwe, and Kizimazi and you’ll find upscale beachfront resorts, including The Residence Zanzibar, a 5-star luxury all-villa hotel. Lounge on the powdery white sand beach, indulge in a spa treatment and keep your little ones entertained with kids activities offered at the resort. Tailor-Made Holidays to Zanzibar include stays at the Residence Zanzibar and can be customized to include a spice tour, as well as a sunset cruise of Stone Town, the island’s main settlement. 

Costa Rica

waterfall in the middle of dense green forest in costa rica

Costa Rica’s natural landscape is one of the most exquisitely biodiverse on the planet. From the otherworldly Monteverde Cloud Forest and Manual Antonio National Park to the exotic wildlife that live in the surrounding rainforest, Costa Rica’s natural beauty is abundant. 

Whether you’re facing the Caribbean coast or the Pacific, Costa Rica’s beaches don’t have a bad side. Beachgoers, nature lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts, in particular, will get the most out of this tropical paradise. 

Tailor-Made Holidays package the ultimate customizable Costa Rica experience. Stay in a rustic, charming hotel nestled in the Monteverde Cloud Forest while you hike under canopies. Spot exotic wildlife in the surrounding rainforest. Soak in hot springs near the Arenal Volcano, and then relax at a luxe eco-resort on the beach, the perfect end to your adventure.


Great things never came from comfort zones. Break the travel routine with our Tailor-Made Holidays and Better Beach holidays for something different from your usual beach vacation. Talk to an Expert Traveller at 1-877-967-5302, or visit us in-store today!