Philippine Airlines baggage

Baggage can be tricky; not only does the free baggage allowance change depending on the airline and class of service booked, the rules surrounding what and how much you can take can change without notice too. Get the latest Philippine Airlines baggage information and avoid any unnecessary airport hassles by knowing the rules on travelling with luggage.

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Do you have questions about Philippine Airlines' free baggage allowance, size and weight restrictions, travelling with over-sized or fragile items or accompanying sports equipment? Do you wonder about any additional baggage related fees and what to pack where? Well, wonder no more!

Whether you are travelling in Fiesta (Economy), Premium Economy or Mabuhay (Business Class), Philippine Airlines is pleased to offer you a free baggage allowance. The aircraft type and class of service booked will determine your allowance for both checked as well as your carry-on items.

Remember that not all airlines allow the same amount of luggage, so if your journey is with more than one carrier, check the rules of all airlines on your ticket (rules of the most restrictive apply on the whole ticket or pay excess baggage fees on flights where you are over your limit).

Philippine Airlines Carry-on Baggage

The bags you are bringing on board are limited to one piece plus one personal item in all classes of service. They must be able to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. The items cannot exceed 45-inches or 115cms (length + width + height) and cannot weigh more than 7kgs/15lbs.

Checked Baggage Allowance with Philippine Airlines

On flights between Canada/USA and The Philippines, checked luggage is limited to two pieces in all classes of service. In addition, the checked bags cannot exceed the following weight and dimensions:

Business Class (Mabuhay) � measuring less than 124-inches/316cms, two bags combined (Length + width + height), with no one piece exceeding 62-inches/158cms. A total combined weight of 140lbs/64kgs, with no one piece weighing over 70lbs/32kgs.

Premium Economy � measuring less than 107-inches/273cms, two bags combined, with no one piece exceeding 62-inches/158cms. A total combined weight of 110lbs/50kgs, with no one piece weighing over 55lbs/32kgs.

Economy Class (Fiesta) - measuring less than 07-inches/273cms, two bags combined, with no one piece exceeding 62-inches/158cms. A total combined weight of 100lbs/46kgs, with no one piece weighing over 50lbs/23kgs.

If you are travelling with items over and beyond the free baggage allowance, overweight or oversized bags, please check the Philippine Airlines Excess Baggage Charges page.

Those travelling with an infant are allowed one fully-collapsible stroller, infant carrying basket or infant car seat � subject to space.