Philippine Airlines check in

Looking to spend less time at the airport? Check-in (choose 'check-in' from the navigation bar) with Philippine Airlines electronically from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere on your mobile device within 24-hours to your scheduled departure. Fast-track your airport experience, knowing you have secured a seat.

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You've packed, reconfirmed your flight times and now there's just one thing to do before flying. You can wait to check-in for your flight at the airport or you can check-in online with Philippines Airlines and save yourself some time. If you are between 24-hours and 1-hour before departure, simply choose 'check-in' from the navigation bar on the homepage and you're good to go.

During the check-in process, travellers can select, change and confirm a seat and print their own boarding pass. If you don't have access to a printer, your boarding pass can be reprinted at an airport kiosk or by a Philippine Airlines check-in agent at an airport counter. International passengers, with or without checked luggage, must be at the Online Check-in Bag Drop Counter no later than 1-hour before their scheduled departure time. Those looking to check-in luggage can do so at this time.

Online check-in is available with Philippine Airlines (PAL) and PAL Express operated flights only, for both domestic and international travel. If your flight is a codeshare flight with a Philippine Airlines flight number but operated by another carrier, you must check-in with the operating airline.

For international flights, please have your passport information ready when completing your online check-in. Those needing a travel visa for connections or entry, or those who need medical or special assistance may not have the option to check-in online and must do so at the airport with a Philippine Airlines agent. All unaccompanied minors must check-in at the airport.

If you have specific questions regarding your check-in, please visit the Philippines Airlines online check-in FAQ page.